Customer "Blown Away" by Service Video

In January of 2017, Steele Chevrolet, a customer of Authntk for two years, expanded their use of video into the service department. Mike Walters is the Service Manager at Steele and we asked him how the process is going for them so far, six months in. Here’s what Mike had to say about using video in service...
"Automotive service centers ranging from the mom-and-pop shop down the road to large dealers like ours struggle with a negative customer perception.  People simply don’t trust automotive service centers, they feel that we are out to get them, to clean out their wallets." 

I find using the Authntk app and showing the client what services and or repairs their vehicle needs greatly increases the trust factor that the client has in their advisor, the technician working on their vehicle, and in turn the service center. They can see what is wrong with their vehicle with their own two eyes. It’s the equivalent of going to a restaurant and watching the chef prepare your food. 

"Being an advisor before we used Authntk, I fully understand how hard it can be sometimes to illustrate to a client a needed repair procedure and build value into why a repair may cost as much as it does, and doing so over the phone. Authntk greatly helps with this because they can see the failed component and they can see the complexity of replacing that component. 

I get very positive feedback from our clients when we use the tool, simply put, they really like it. 

I had a situation with a very good client who has a large fleet of vehicles... his vehicle required a costly headlamp assembly replacement because of the way an aftermarket performance shop had installed his HID kit. They had a ton of wiring and hardware packed into the headlamp capsule which jammed up the shutters and burnt out the motors. I did an Authntk video with his two headlamp capsules on my desk and the hardware this shop had packed into the capsule to illustrate just how much they had jammed in there. He called me back a few minutes after sending the video and was blown away, he actually used the video to get a refund for his HID kit!"

Here is the video Mike is referencing...

"The only issue for us right now is getting the buy in from the advisors and giving them the time that they need to go back into the shop and take the video. We plan on leveraging the app more and more because of the first hand benefits I have observed while using it."


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