If you have two minutes you have time to shoot a video... The response I’ve gotten from the customers have been outstanding... My sales and the dealerships sales are up significantly...Get on board, and if you use it you will see IMMEDIATE RESULTS”
— Kevin the Jeep Guy, Mike Toler CDJR
“Adding Authntk has impacted us dramatically. We’re able to do a walkaround and send it via SMS text and email in a matter of minutes... Before other dealerships have even replied we’re sending them a walkaround video... Since adding this app we’ve seen an increase in the number of call backs, appointments set, kept and vehicles sold... For the investment IT’S A NO BRAINER.
— Steve Orban, Deery Brothers
Sharing these videos with customers takes the trust factor out of the equation... They no longer have to take my word for it... I sell about 90% of the time when using a video. IT WORKS.
— Joshua Taylor, Cavender Toyota
The most effective way to communicate with customers that brings a personal and human touch to online/email conversations.
— JP Ostiguy, Alta Group