Walkaround Videos Works on Your Desktop, Too!

If you are like most sales consultants, managers and service advisors who care about building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with customers, you are already using the Walkaround Videos app. Your daily routine goes something like this:

You get a lead, pull our your device and shoot a quick video of the car they are interested in. A couple more taps sends it straight to the customers phone with a personal message. Presto - you're their hero! Who could ask for anything more from a simple piece of software?

Well, did you know? It also works great on your desktop!

It’s really just a matter of preference. Some folks say they like sending Walkaround Videos to their dealership customers from their desktop because it’s even easier. They appreciate the convenient of typing their personalized message on a keyboard, or they have an inventory of videos saved on their computer.

Go ahead, give it a try. The point is, you do have access to Walkaround Videos on your desktop as well. So use it!

For step-by-step instructions, check out the video on our YouTube page, click here.

Three Dealerships Doing Walkaround Video RIGHT!

In 2013, dealerships all over America used Walkaround Videos as a way to wow prospects and customers. And why not? Statistics show that, after watching a video, 49% of shoppers visited a dealer (according to the Milward Brown Digital/Google Vehicle Shopper Path to Purchase Study, September 2013), and video sells more cars (according to a recent article in Automotive News).

Given these trends, how can your dealership further differentiate from competitors who are also using Walkaround Video? Here’s a tip:

Do it right.

Yes, there’s a big difference in life between doing something, and taking the time to learn how to do it right. If you are interested in getting the biggest bang for your buck with Walkaround Videos, it makes sense to learn best practices from the videos that are hitting the criteria. Here are some examples, direct from those who are doing it right:

#1 Be Personable

There are many best practices working in this video. James Versiackas from Prime Motor Group showcases the immaculate condition of Toyota Highlander by leaving enough room to walk around, showing the tire treads, paint and interior, all in excellent condition. James calls his customer by name (“Hi, Joseph!”) and leaves his phone number for the customer to schedule an appointment for a closer look and a test drive.

#2 Stage the Vehicle

In this video, Brandon Price of Cavender Toyota does a good job staging the Toyota Tundra before shooting. First, he made sure the vehicle was clean and in a well lit, quiet location. Then he pre-opened the passenger side doors, so that, as he walks around, we get an effortless look into the interior. He completes the video by returning to the starting point.

#3 Be Creative

Chet Navey of Jeff Wyler begins his video from the driver’s seat of the Kia Optima to show how, with one touch, the vehicle “comes alive.” After letting us see several great features in action, he hops out of the vehicle to show off the “sharp” features from the front. Rather than turning the camera on himself, he keeps the focus on the car.

Be Yourself

Everyone has their own personal styles and techniques, and we encourage that! Your videos should reflect you and your personality. Incorporate these great examples into what you’re already doing, and the competition won’t stand a chance!

Visit WalkaroundVideos.com to learn more OR take a free test drive.