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TESTIMONIAL: “Walkaround Videos pushed up our Internet business about 30-40%.”

What’s the most effective way to increase Internet sales at your dealership?

If there was one simple thing you could add to your day that would increase your Internet business by 30-40%, would you do it? 

Michael Kuna did. Let's all be like Mike! Michael is a Sales Representative at Causeway Family of Dealerships in New Jersey. Michael has been using Authntk Walkaround Videos to create more connections and interactions with customers, and sell more vehicles. 

“Walkaround Videos is such a great tool to use. It has pushed up business on the internet side about 30-40%.”

With Walkaround Videos, Michael says he's now doing the following

  • Taking the lead of other dealerships in the area
  • Sending videos to customers of real, live cars on the ground
  • Doing product demonstrations
  • Seeing increased participation in surveys
  • Generating positive reviews
  • Thanking the customer for their business
  • Answering questions

Watch the other powerful benefits Michael has enjoyed since adopting Walkaround Videos:

According to Michael, "People like seeing a video"He appreciates how they can see who they are speaking with, and can be confident that the person works for the dealership, and not someone from a call center. Since he personalizes each video with the customer's name, and can send them just information they are interested in receiving, Michael finds he is able to make a more meaningful connection. 

But the biggest reason Micael loves having Walkaround Videos? The overall elevation of his business. As Michael says,

"Before [using Walkaround Videos], we really weren't in the internet game. With this app, it really took us to the next level."

These are just a few of the many ways Michael uses Walkaround Videos to create a distinct, lasting impression on the customers. 

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Testimonial: “We Took Sales Away from the Competition with Walkaround Videos”

If there was one simple thing you could add to your day that would steer sales away from your local competition and drive them to your dealership, would you do it?

Cono Cirone did. Cono is Sales Manager of Causeway Family of Dealerships in New Jersey.  Since November 2014, Cono has been using Authntk Walkaround Videos to separate himself from the competition, and sell more vehicles.

“We’re seeing sales that we’re taking away from other dealers locally, because we’re able to communicate with them [customers], show them the car and enhance the process. It makes life easy.”

Watch the other great things Cono has to say about Walkaround Videos:

Cono points out that the technology is very “in-the-now.” He loves how customers can turn around and share his videos with their friends. Since he can send the videos by email or text message, it’s very flexible, and he appreciates having access to campaigns that he can change and customize. He points out that it’s a good idea to use Walkaround Videos for everything from thanking people for their inquiry to providing testimonials and giving positive reviews after the sale.

But the biggest reason Cono loves having Walkaround Videos? The experience. As Cono says,

“We’re bringing the showroom right to your phone, and your computer.”

These are just a few of the many ways Cono uses Walkaround Videos to create a distinct, lasting impression the customers.

With an easy-to-use app that lives on his phone, he only needs about 90 seconds to record and send unique, personalized video messages that connect 1:1 with the customer and help him stand out.

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What tool do you use to send video communications to clients?

Boy, is it ever great to have pumped up friends! Today we’re excited to share an awesome message posted by Robert Wiesman, the Director of Online Media for FlexDealer, an automotive marketing agency. Robert has been using our Walkaround Videos for some time now, and has been thrilled with the results.

How thrilled? Check it out! Robert received a question from one of his followers on social media, who asked, “What program or software do you use to send your video communications to clients?”

Here’s Robert’s fantastic response! A summary is below.


Robert does not advocate sending links to Youtube videos in your emails to customers, for two reasons:

  1. Customers will see links to your competitors’ videos too, and will get click-happy at the end of your video;
  2. Customers will see all of the other videos that you sent to your other contacts that are very similar to the one that you made for them, and won’t feel as special.

The best software program Robert has seen for avoiding these circumstances is offered by Walkaround Videos.

Robert then walks through how the app works screen by screen.

Once the video is uploaded, the app takes you to a screen that allows you to enter the name and email of the client. Hit submit and – “boom!” – you just sent your first video into their inbox!

Your customer then receives a custom template that has your branding and includes your contact information. They can’t link out to any other videos or go to any other web sites. They receive only what you wanted to send them. They go only where you want them to go.

Robert’s final word of advice:

“Don’t waste your time and money with gambles. I’ve made so many bad moves, good moves, bad investments, good investments. There is so much out there that can build your brand and create an amazing business within a business that will help you sell more cars, have more fun and make more money!”

Go to for more ways to save time and money and get closer to success.

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