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The Anatomy of Videos That Yield Results

The Anatomy of Videos That Yield Results

The anatomy of your videos is actually pretty simple. Just like everything in life, there’s a beginning, middle, and end. In this blog post, we break down each component leaving you with the bare essentials of what makes a video successful. Which elements are you already using, and which elements do you need to incorporate?

Why Aren’t Your Dealership Videos Converting Sales?

Car shoppers prefer videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes

Using videos to sell vehicles is a new strategy for many dealerships, and best practices are only recently emerging. As a result, many owners and managers don’t know how to improve video sales conversion rates, and are starting to abandon the strategy.

My advice: Don’t give up on video. Automotive News has been telling the industry that “videos sell cars” for some time. And now a new video study by AutoTrader reports that 65% of consumers consider video an important part of their car-shopping process.  

Now is the time for dealerships to do more video, not less.

But what if you’re using video, and just not getting the conversions rates you’d hoped for?  

There could be many reasons. The AutoTrader report sheds light on several contributing factors, including video duration:

Source: 2015 Cox Automotive Consumer Video Research Study

Source: 2015 Cox Automotive Consumer Video Research Study

Customers want short videos

This rings true for me. I like to watch short, informational videos to help me decide on certain purchases. If the video runs under 30 seconds, I might come away unsatisfied. Longer than two minutes, and I will DEFINITELY feel like bailing out.

The content of the video certainly plays a role in influencing me, too. As Aaron Wirtz points out in “Shoot Video Like a Rockstar", dealerships should create content that customers actually want to watch. (He offers several useful tips here.)

These simple suggestions can make a big difference on your video sales conversion. Try shooting shorter videos. Make them something you’d want to watch. Focus on building long-lasting, trusting relationships with customers by creating a distinct, lasting impression, with video.

And keep it short.


  • How long are the videos you’ve been making?
  • How long are the videos you prefer to watch?
  • What can you do to “right size” your videos going forward?

Let us know in the comments below!