What could be more important than PRICE? For Millennials, it’s TRUST


Show me the money” – that’s such a 20th century way of thinking.

Millennials don’t think that way. True, price is important with every customer, but for young car shoppers, two things are more important:

  1. Trusting the dealership
  2. The overall experience

The good news is, you can make one simple change in the way you treat Millennials that will dramatically improve both of those. Try Walkaround Videos from Authntk.

With Walkaround Videos, you can create an amazing overall experience by engaging, informing and delighting your prospects with customized, dealer-branded videos of the specific vehicle they are interested in. It’s so easy to make a video with the Walkaround Videos app on your phone and send the video – along with your contact info – from your device to theirs. It only takes about 90 seconds!

Here’s why this approach works so well with Millennials. First, we know the younger generation is watching more video. And we know Automotive News from that "videos sell cars."

We also know that Millennials spend time researching online before visiting the dealership – even a dealership where they already have a relationship.

And finally, we know that the younger generation is much more likely to trust dealerships that give them the information they are seeking, and let them come to their own educated decision.

With Walkaround Videos, you are putting yourself out there as a trusted source of information. You aren’t selling anything. You are only interested in educating buyers and building trust through video. And when they are ready to come to the dealership, they will insist on seeing only you.

Rather than, “show me the money,” young car buyers are saying, “Show me the video!” And you can do that for them. Why not?

Don’t think Millennial are a big enough customer segment to worry about? Think again. According to a recent driving sales DrivingSales study, Millennials are now accounting for 27% of new car sales. “The buying power of this younger market represents a significant growing opportunity for dealerships,”the report states.

To serve this expanding market, remember, building trust and creating an amazing overall experience are most important. With Walkaround Videos, it’s quick. It’s easy. And it works with the technology you ALREADY have.

So try it now! Sign up and take our free test drive, or visit to learn more.