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Video of the Month – The Power of Efficiency

Congratulations to Kevin Hoff, Sales Consultant of Don Beyer Volvo, Falls Church, Virginia! The powerful vehicle showcase video he created, using Walkaround Videos, has been selected as our Video of the Month! As Kevin’s video proves, using Authntk Walkaround Videos is a great way to connect 1:1 with the customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. In about 90 seconds, Kevin vividly demonstrates to the customer why he can be trusted to help find the perfect vehicle.

Check it Out!

What is Kevin doing that YOU could be doing? Here are a few things that Kevin does to give his customer an amazing experience with video:

  1. Personal - He addresses the customer, by name, so you know he's taken time to record this video only for you.
  2. Great First Frame - By shooting the first frame of the outside of the dealership, he lets customers know what to look for when they drive in. He reinforces the brand by ending the video with another shot of the dealership.
  3. Creative - Kevin uses a selfie stick, which allows him to record the dealership, turn the camera on himself, then shoot the car, inside and out, seamlessly.
  4. Efficient - Kevin gets a lot done in a short time. The video takes approximately 90 seconds – perfect.
  5. Subtle - Kevin doesn't oversell features. While highlighting the interior, he doesn't get lost in the details of showing how every feature works.

As Kevin’s video shows, personalized vehicle showcase videos are an effective tool for responding to the customer in a meaningful, relevant way. This helps build on a trusting relationship that can stand the test of time. Who wouldn’t want to receive a video like this when searching for a car?

What will YOU do to amaze customers and prospects? Visit to learn more, OR take a free test drive today.

In Dealership Walkaround Videos, the First Frame Matters

Personalized Walkaround Videos are a great way to introduce yourself to a potential customer and distinguish yourself from your competitors. It’s a chance to take advantage of the fact that nearly everyone is watching videos on their phones and using videos to make purchasing decisions. But if you don’t pay attention to how the first frame displays, you could be missing a huge selling opportunity!

Don’t blow that opportunity by sending them a video with an unappealing first frame.

If you are new to sending Walkaround Videos to your prospects, you may not have paid much attention to the first frame. The first frame is the “movie still” that displays before your prospect clicks to watch the video – or doesn’t. Not sure how to improve that first frame? Try a few of these tips, and see them in action below:

The first frame captures a snapshot of your video about two seconds in. To get a good first frame, smile, and keep smiling for a couple seconds before you speak:


Let’s say the customer has his heart set on a 2015 Lexus LS 460. Start your video with a close-up of the classic logo, and stay focused there for about three seconds before you zoom out to show the entire vehicle. You can begin speaking as soon as the video starts.


Because you always want customers to know where to find you (and the vehicles they are interested in), it’s often a good idea to fill the first frame with the dealership sign.


This is your safest bet, make the car the star! Frame the vehicle up nicely in your camera, and film for the first few seconds, before zooming out or in and walking around.


When a customer indicates an interest in a particular vehicle’s features, they will be likely to click on a video that shows that feature in the first frame. Start your video by filming that feature for about three seconds.


  • Smile
  • Start With the Vehicle’s Logo
  • Start With the Dealership Sign
  • Spotlight the Vehicle Itself
  • Show the Dashboard

These are just a few of the many ways to use Walkaround Videos to capture interest and create a distinct, lasting impression with customers before they ever set foot in your showroom. Visit to learn more or take a free test drive today!

Walkaround Video Script II :: Following Up With Internet Leads

For today’s walkaround video script, “How to follow up with an Internet lead,” we went straight to an expert: Aaron Parsons from Sheehy Richmond, VA. Aaron takes an inbound inquiry from the web site, grabs his iPhone and goes out onto the lot to shoot a video of the vehicle the prospect is interested in. See it in action:

Here’s how Aaron gives a great message to accompany his prospect’s Walkaround video:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] at [DEALERSHIP] on [LOCATION].

Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME], I wanted to take a brief moment to show you this [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL] that you inquired about. Apparently, you saw it online. As a member of the Internet team, I just wanted to take a moment to show you the features and benefits of this vehicle, interior and exterior.

You have your …

[Feature] [Benefit] [Feature] [Benefit]

This [MAKE/MODEL] looks like a really clean vehicle.

I appreciate your looking at our web site and taking a moment to look at this vehicle. As I mentioned, this vehicle is available today, right now, for you to come in. You can take a quick look at this vehicle either today or this weekend.

This is the [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL/TRIM] with approximately [MILES] miles on it.

Again, my name is [YOUR NAME]. Ask for me or call [YOUR NUMBER].

Thank you, Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME].

Aaron shot this Walkaround Video with his iPhone, and then easily and immediately it was uploaded to Authntk's servers, and a personalized email was sent out. Because he knew exactly what to say, he is able to communicate effectively using the power and convenience of Walkaround Videos.

Have you tried using a video script while sending videos? Drop us a line and let us know what is working for you!

Visit to learn more about how videos sell vehicles. To get started right away, take a free test drive!

What do you say? Because videos sell vehicles, shouldn’t you be making more of them?

Let’s say you’re one of the smart ones. Like many sales representatives and managers at dealerships around the country, you understand that 81% of auto shoppers today use smartphones to do research (according to a December 2013 study from FordDirect and Research Now). You also know that, according to a recent article in Automotive News, “Want to sell a vehicle? Attach a video,” “videos sell cars.” So you armed yourself for success by taking Walkaround Video for a FREE test drive. You now have first-hand experience with how easy it is to use the dealership video email service to send videos automatically to smartphones, and create an amazing experience for the customer.

So why aren’t you using it more?

If you are like a lot of new Walkaround Video users, it might be because you aren’t always confident with what to SAY when recording. In fact, we often hear from our users that they would make more videos, if only they were sure they were using the right words to connect with customers without turning them off.

Here are three of the most common questions we get about making effective videos:

  • Are there general best practices for what to say in a video?
  • How do I introduce myself to a new prospect in a video?
  • What should I say in a follow-up video?

To address these questions and others, we’ve created a series of video scripts to help you say EXACTLY the right thing at EXACTLY the right time. These ready-to-use templates contain specific words and phrases to make the best impression with customers, and persuade them to do what you want them to do. Never again will you be at a loss for words when recording a Walkaround Video.

Coming soon, we’ll be sharing all of the scripts you need to be successful, so watch this space. In the meantime, here are four general best practices for what you want your words to do to the customer:

  • Get their attention
  • Keep their interest
  • Build the urgency
  • Inspire an ACTION

When you know what to say, you’ll want to take every opportunity to create a distinct, lasting impression with customers. We’re here to help. Visit to learn more about how videos sell vehicles, and harnessing the power of customized videos to grow your business.