Walkaround Video Script II :: Following Up With Internet Leads

For today’s walkaround video script, “How to follow up with an Internet lead,” we went straight to an expert: Aaron Parsons from Sheehy Richmond, VA. Aaron takes an inbound inquiry from the web site, grabs his iPhone and goes out onto the lot to shoot a video of the vehicle the prospect is interested in. See it in action:

Here’s how Aaron gives a great message to accompany his prospect’s Walkaround video:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] at [DEALERSHIP] on [LOCATION].

Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME], I wanted to take a brief moment to show you this [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL] that you inquired about. Apparently, you saw it online. As a member of the Internet team, I just wanted to take a moment to show you the features and benefits of this vehicle, interior and exterior.

You have your …

[Feature] [Benefit] [Feature] [Benefit]

This [MAKE/MODEL] looks like a really clean vehicle.

I appreciate your looking at our web site and taking a moment to look at this vehicle. As I mentioned, this vehicle is available today, right now, for you to come in. You can take a quick look at this vehicle either today or this weekend.

This is the [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL/TRIM] with approximately [MILES] miles on it.

Again, my name is [YOUR NAME]. Ask for me or call [YOUR NUMBER].

Thank you, Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME].

Aaron shot this Walkaround Video with his iPhone, and then easily and immediately it was uploaded to Authntk's servers, and a personalized email was sent out. Because he knew exactly what to say, he is able to communicate effectively using the power and convenience of Walkaround Videos.

Have you tried using a video script while sending videos? Drop us a line and let us know what is working for you!

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