Avoid Using Dealership Lingo In Your Videos

Neurologically, we all have an instinctual reaction to words and language. That’s why, in sales, there are good words and bad words. Good words include “you,” “because,” “free” and “instant.” People respond to “increase,” “take,” “amazing” and “announcing,” among other good words. And then there are bad words, to be avoided at all costs, especially when making a video.

Bad words aren’t what you think. In the auto industry, bad words are words that alienate customers. This happens when dealers, sales managers and reps forget that customers don’t speak their "lingo" and use words that customers don’t understand.

Consider this video script, loaded with dealer lingo (capitalized for emphasis):

“Hey, Charlie it’s Wild Bill, I'm the ISM here at Slang City Honda. I wanted to send you this follow up video about the UNIT you inquired about. Among the many features, this vehicle does include ATC, great for the coming winter. If you are UPSIDE DOWN on your current vehicle, our finance department is always willing to work with SECOND CHANCE customers, depending on your DOWN STROKE. So give me a call!”

Huh?! If you're sending a video with a script like that, be sure to include a dealership dictionary along with it.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using dealership lingo. Better to take your time, speak plainly and use words that everyone understands. When you know what good words to say – and what words to avoid – you can communicate effectively using the power and convenience of Walkaround Videos.

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Walkaround Video Script II :: Following Up With Internet Leads

For today’s walkaround video script, “How to follow up with an Internet lead,” we went straight to an expert: Aaron Parsons from Sheehy Richmond, VA. Aaron takes an inbound inquiry from the web site, grabs his iPhone and goes out onto the lot to shoot a video of the vehicle the prospect is interested in. See it in action:

Here’s how Aaron gives a great message to accompany his prospect’s Walkaround video:

Hi, this is [YOUR NAME] at [DEALERSHIP] on [LOCATION].

Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME], I wanted to take a brief moment to show you this [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL] that you inquired about. Apparently, you saw it online. As a member of the Internet team, I just wanted to take a moment to show you the features and benefits of this vehicle, interior and exterior.

You have your …

[Feature] [Benefit] [Feature] [Benefit]

This [MAKE/MODEL] looks like a really clean vehicle.

I appreciate your looking at our web site and taking a moment to look at this vehicle. As I mentioned, this vehicle is available today, right now, for you to come in. You can take a quick look at this vehicle either today or this weekend.

This is the [YEAR/MAKE/MODEL/TRIM] with approximately [MILES] miles on it.

Again, my name is [YOUR NAME]. Ask for me or call [YOUR NUMBER].

Thank you, Mr. [PROSPECT’S NAME].

Aaron shot this Walkaround Video with his iPhone, and then easily and immediately it was uploaded to Authntk's servers, and a personalized email was sent out. Because he knew exactly what to say, he is able to communicate effectively using the power and convenience of Walkaround Videos.

Have you tried using a video script while sending videos? Drop us a line and let us know what is working for you!

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At a LOSS for Words? Try Using a Script!

If you’re like a lot of newcomers to Authntk Walkaround Videos, you might be saying, “Now what?” Typically, our new users understand that Walkaround Videos is a great way for auto dealers to connect 1:1 with the customer. They’ve bought into the concept of sending unique, personalized video messages to help them stand out. They have downloaded the app, and are ready to roll, except for one thing…

They don’t know what to say.

Has that happened to you?

Don’t stress. Use a script!

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be delivering you video scripts for all sorts of dealership scenarios. Here’s the first one. Making a quick introduction:

A new inbound internet lead comes to you from a guy named Bill. You launch Walkaround Videos either on the app or webcam and start shooting a video of yourself reciting the following introduction script:

“Hi, Bill! I’m [name] from [dealership], right here in [your town].

I received your online request, and just wanted to shoot you a quick email to introduce myself. I see you’re interested in a [year, make, model, trim]. We have those in stock right now, with a full range of options.

In just a minute, I’ll be sending you Walkaround Video of that exact vehicle, but just wanted to introduce myself real quick. Just let me know when you receive the video, and if you have any questions on anything!”

When would be a good time to contact you?

See it in action:

Even the President of the Unites States of America uses a teleprompter to deliver important messages. Don’t feel bad about reading from a script until you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You only get one chance to make a great first impression with the customer, and using a script helps make sure that you do.

Stay tuned for more scripts headed your way in the coming weeks. Also, if you think of a scenario you’d like to have a script handy for, shoot us a note to, or leave a comment.

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What do you say? Because videos sell vehicles, shouldn’t you be making more of them?

Let’s say you’re one of the smart ones. Like many sales representatives and managers at dealerships around the country, you understand that 81% of auto shoppers today use smartphones to do research (according to a December 2013 study from FordDirect and Research Now). You also know that, according to a recent article in Automotive News, “Want to sell a vehicle? Attach a video,” “videos sell cars.” So you armed yourself for success by taking Walkaround Video for a FREE test drive. You now have first-hand experience with how easy it is to use the dealership video email service to send videos automatically to smartphones, and create an amazing experience for the customer.

So why aren’t you using it more?

If you are like a lot of new Walkaround Video users, it might be because you aren’t always confident with what to SAY when recording. In fact, we often hear from our users that they would make more videos, if only they were sure they were using the right words to connect with customers without turning them off.

Here are three of the most common questions we get about making effective videos:

  • Are there general best practices for what to say in a video?
  • How do I introduce myself to a new prospect in a video?
  • What should I say in a follow-up video?

To address these questions and others, we’ve created a series of video scripts to help you say EXACTLY the right thing at EXACTLY the right time. These ready-to-use templates contain specific words and phrases to make the best impression with customers, and persuade them to do what you want them to do. Never again will you be at a loss for words when recording a Walkaround Video.

Coming soon, we’ll be sharing all of the scripts you need to be successful, so watch this space. In the meantime, here are four general best practices for what you want your words to do to the customer:

  • Get their attention
  • Keep their interest
  • Build the urgency
  • Inspire an ACTION

When you know what to say, you’ll want to take every opportunity to create a distinct, lasting impression with customers. We’re here to help. Visit to learn more about how videos sell vehicles, and harnessing the power of customized videos to grow your business.