The 3 Easiest Ways to Use Video to Increase Auto Sales


How to Scorch the Competition This Summer Hey, do you need to SCORCH the competition this summer? Then you’ll want to sign up for the new webinar from Walkaround Videos, The 3 Easiest Ways to Use Video to Increase Auto Sales.”

What:     New webinar, The 3 Easiest Ways to Use Video to Increase Auto Sales.”When:    Wednesday, June 17, 2015 @noon EDT Where:   Right here on your screen! Sign upClick here

This short, powerful webinar helps you learn how to make a lasting impression with your customers and sell more vehicles by taking advantage of the simple technology of your smart phone.

What's in it for you?

Beginners will understand how to harness the power and simplicity of Walkaround Videos to send customers personalized videos that they weren’t expecting, and will be wowed by. Folks who already know about using their smart phones to make short, informative videos will learn new strategies, tips and techniques for creating an even more distinct, lasting impression with customers, using Walkaround Videos.

No matter where you are in your career journey at the dealership, The 3 Easiest Ways to Use Video to Increase Auto Sales will help you reach more customers, more effectively. You’ll see increased sales for the short term. And you’ll enjoy building genuine, trusting relationships that generate income for you for the long term.

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Do you have a FACE? Put it to work with Walkaround Videos!

“Send a personalized (face) video and sell more cars – it’s proven.” - Mike Haeg Relationships are best built face-to-face. There’s something about seeing the look in your eyes, hearing the tone of your voice and feeling the warmth of your smile that helps customers trust you. A recent article on shows how dealerships, sales managers and sales reps can leverage this well-known fact to grow their business with “The 5 Effective Ways to Use Faces in Your Marketing.”

In the article, Authntk’s Walkaround Videos is highlighted as one of the 5 most effective ways to use your face:


“Attending nearly every automotive conference (large and small) over the last few years,” Mike Haeg wrote, I’m always impressed by the auto veterans who realize the power of video. More specifically, the self-shot videos that include a friendly greeting and walkaround, highlighting features and benefits. Don’t be shy to video and share an introduction to your prospect.”

Mike illustrates other terrific ways to share your face with customers and prospects: in your email signature, on your web site, blog and social media channels. But the great advantage of using Walkaround Videos is, not only are you connecting 1:1 with a personal touch, you are making the experience all about THEM, not you.

So take Mike’s advice and put your face to work. Use the simple, powerful technology you already own (iPhone, Android or Laptop) to create a distinct, lasting impression with customers, using video.

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Why Ignore Digital Trends That Sell More Cars?

BMW is revolutionizing the way luxury vehicles are marketed, and they aren’t the only ones. As auto sales shift to the Internet, more and more dealers are turning to technology solutions like the hot new dealership video email service, Walkaround Videos. What does that mean to you? Only this: You no longer have the luxury of ignoring the trends.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, BMW is building dealership strategies that are more hands-on and experiential, using digital tools to make a lasting impression with discerning customers. But you don’t have sell Beamers to high net worth individuals for this approach to work for you. Authntk Walkaround Videos are a great way for ANY dealer, sales rep or service department to connect one-on-one with ANY customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. It’s an easy first step to bring your dealership into the digital age.

But why take the Wall Street Journal’s word that the strategy works? Try it yourself right now by taking it for a free test drive. Here’s all you do:

  1. Click this link, which takes you to our landing page
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  3. Click "Get Started"

It’s simple. It’s free. And it works with the technology you ALREADY have. So try it now! Sign up for the Walkaround dealership video email service, and shoot a test video.

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