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Do you have a FACE? Put it to work with Walkaround Videos!

“Send a personalized (face) video and sell more cars – it’s proven.” - Mike Haeg Relationships are best built face-to-face. There’s something about seeing the look in your eyes, hearing the tone of your voice and feeling the warmth of your smile that helps customers trust you. A recent article on shows how dealerships, sales managers and sales reps can leverage this well-known fact to grow their business with “The 5 Effective Ways to Use Faces in Your Marketing.”

In the article, Authntk’s Walkaround Videos is highlighted as one of the 5 most effective ways to use your face:


“Attending nearly every automotive conference (large and small) over the last few years,” Mike Haeg wrote, I’m always impressed by the auto veterans who realize the power of video. More specifically, the self-shot videos that include a friendly greeting and walkaround, highlighting features and benefits. Don’t be shy to video and share an introduction to your prospect.”

Mike illustrates other terrific ways to share your face with customers and prospects: in your email signature, on your web site, blog and social media channels. But the great advantage of using Walkaround Videos is, not only are you connecting 1:1 with a personal touch, you are making the experience all about THEM, not you.

So take Mike’s advice and put your face to work. Use the simple, powerful technology you already own (iPhone, Android or Laptop) to create a distinct, lasting impression with customers, using video.

Visit to learn more about harnessing the power of customized videos to grow your business. And while you’re there, take a free test drive!

At a LOSS for Words? Try Using a Script!

If you’re like a lot of newcomers to Authntk Walkaround Videos, you might be saying, “Now what?” Typically, our new users understand that Walkaround Videos is a great way for auto dealers to connect 1:1 with the customer. They’ve bought into the concept of sending unique, personalized video messages to help them stand out. They have downloaded the app, and are ready to roll, except for one thing…

They don’t know what to say.

Has that happened to you?

Don’t stress. Use a script!

Over the next couple weeks we’ll be delivering you video scripts for all sorts of dealership scenarios. Here’s the first one. Making a quick introduction:

A new inbound internet lead comes to you from a guy named Bill. You launch Walkaround Videos either on the app or webcam and start shooting a video of yourself reciting the following introduction script:

“Hi, Bill! I’m [name] from [dealership], right here in [your town].

I received your online request, and just wanted to shoot you a quick email to introduce myself. I see you’re interested in a [year, make, model, trim]. We have those in stock right now, with a full range of options.

In just a minute, I’ll be sending you Walkaround Video of that exact vehicle, but just wanted to introduce myself real quick. Just let me know when you receive the video, and if you have any questions on anything!”

When would be a good time to contact you?

See it in action:

Even the President of the Unites States of America uses a teleprompter to deliver important messages. Don’t feel bad about reading from a script until you feel comfortable in front of the camera. You only get one chance to make a great first impression with the customer, and using a script helps make sure that you do.

Stay tuned for more scripts headed your way in the coming weeks. Also, if you think of a scenario you’d like to have a script handy for, shoot us a note to, or leave a comment.

In the meantime, visit to learn more OR take a free test drive.

How Different Types of Dealership Videos Perform

Our customers are using the Walkaround Videos platform to send out three primary types of videos to sell cars. All three types are working effectively, but we've noticed some fairly significant differences in how often they are played.

Let's look at the three types:

Real, authentic walkaround videos

The car is the star - these videos show the vehicle in question, highlight features that the prospect might not have been aware of, and many times answer specific questions the prospect had. Often the response can be, "Wow, the vehicle looks great, when can I take a test drive?" Not surprisingly, authentic walkaround videos are played the most.

Introductory videos

The rep is the star - these videos are shot with a webcam and usually show the salesperson sitting at her desk introducing herself and her dealership, but not showing the vehicle in question. Often the prospect response can be, "It's great to meet you, but I want to see the car!" Introductory videos get played about 10% less often than authentic walkaround videos.

Edited videos


The producer is the star - these videos start out as authentic walkaround videos that are imported into a movie program (like iMovie) to add visual effects, images, text overlays, music, etc. Because these videos can sometimes be perceived as "marketing fluff", they don't perform as well as the other two types. In fact, edited videos get played about half as much as authentic walkaround videos.

In summary, Walkaround Videos will work effectively for your dealership no matter how you decide to use it, but real authenticity is the best way to use video effectively.