Facebook Could be KILLING Your Sales Career

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Is Facebook killing your sales career? It could be, if you are on it for personal use only, watching nothing but funny cat videos, or bits from Jimmy Fallon. Every minute spent watching these kinds of videos is a lost business opportunity. Those minutes could have been better spent making your own video, sending it to a customer, building the relationship and advancing the sale.

Instead, you got nothing of value for your time.

I’m not saying quit going on Facebook. I’m saying quit going on Facebook for personal use only. Stop using Facebook as a time-killer, and start finding ways to use Facebook to help increase sales and build your career.  

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Yes, learning new tips and tricks and sharing what you’ve learned is a great way to make sure the time you spend on Facebook is time well spent. Create new habits with Facebook, and soon, rather than killing your career, you’ll be making a killing.

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