How Do You Get Your Dealership to Use Walkaround Videos?


It’s the same old story.

Somebody recommends Authntk Walkaround Videos, the simple, powerful dealership video service that the dealership everywhere are using to take sales to the next level. The owner buys in. The GM wants to get it implemented, and everybody signs up …

And nobody does anything!

Has that happened at your dealership? Or maybe you haven’t tried Walkaround Videos yet.

Either way, here’s what you’ve been missing:

  1. More customers who call back
  2. More appointments set
  3. More appointments kept
  4. More vehicles sold
  5. More repeat customers

Walkaround Videos helps you connect 1:1 with customers by recording and sending unique, personalized video messages about the vehicles they are interested in.

It’s easy. It works. You just have to DO IT.

So if you are a GM, sales manager or service manager, how do you get your team to use it? We recommend 5 steps to help you make Walkaround Videos a part of the daily routine at your dealership, and be successful:

  1. Establish a strategy
  2. Create a process
  3. Do a training for your staff
  4. Follow up with your team to make sure they are using it
  5. Motivate them with incentives (for example, the most videos this month gets a $50 AMEX card)

Emphasize from the start that using Walkaround Videos is required, not optional. After all, the videos won’t shoot themselves. And folks can’t say they don’t have time, because the whole process only takes about 90 seconds. Besides, once they do it, they’ll want to keep doing it, because they’ll start to sell more vehicles.

It’s time to start telling a new story at your dealership. Use Walkaround Videos to flip the script today!

Note: if you are still researching dealership video services, it’s easy to try Walkaround Videos and see if it’s right for you. Take our FREE test drive, or visit our website to learn more.

Video of the Month – The Power of Efficiency

Congratulations to Kevin Hoff, Sales Consultant of Don Beyer Volvo, Falls Church, Virginia! The powerful vehicle showcase video he created, using Walkaround Videos, has been selected as our Video of the Month! As Kevin’s video proves, using Authntk Walkaround Videos is a great way to connect 1:1 with the customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. In about 90 seconds, Kevin vividly demonstrates to the customer why he can be trusted to help find the perfect vehicle.

Check it Out!

What is Kevin doing that YOU could be doing? Here are a few things that Kevin does to give his customer an amazing experience with video:

  1. Personal - He addresses the customer, by name, so you know he's taken time to record this video only for you.
  2. Great First Frame - By shooting the first frame of the outside of the dealership, he lets customers know what to look for when they drive in. He reinforces the brand by ending the video with another shot of the dealership.
  3. Creative - Kevin uses a selfie stick, which allows him to record the dealership, turn the camera on himself, then shoot the car, inside and out, seamlessly.
  4. Efficient - Kevin gets a lot done in a short time. The video takes approximately 90 seconds – perfect.
  5. Subtle - Kevin doesn't oversell features. While highlighting the interior, he doesn't get lost in the details of showing how every feature works.

As Kevin’s video shows, personalized vehicle showcase videos are an effective tool for responding to the customer in a meaningful, relevant way. This helps build on a trusting relationship that can stand the test of time. Who wouldn’t want to receive a video like this when searching for a car?

What will YOU do to amaze customers and prospects? Visit WalkaroundVideos.com to learn more, OR take a free test drive today.