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Video of the Month - The Power of Service Department Videos


Congratulations to Joshua Taylor, Assistant Service Manager of Cavender Toyota of San Antonio, Texas! The powerful service department video he created using Walkaround Videos, has been selected as our Video of the Month! As Joshua’s video proves, using Authntk Walkaround Videos is a great way to connect 1:1 with the customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. In less than 90 seconds, Joshua vividly demonstrates to the customer why the service department is recommending suspension repairs for the customer’s truck.

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How useful are service department videos for auto dealers? Here’s what Joshua had to say about his experience using Walkaround Videos:

“I will say this: A picture is worth a thousand words and seeing is believing. Sharing these videos with a customer or insurance company/extended warranty takes the trust factor out of the equation. They no longer have to take my word for it. Now they can virtually walk under the car with me from the A/C and comfort of their own home, share it with their spouse, send it to dad for his opinion, whatever they need. I have found that I sell about 90% of the time when using a video. It may not be everything recommended at once but it will come and the customer feels I care. Personally, I wish I had Authntk years ago, and I’d recommended it to service managers at my previous dealerships. It works.” ~ Joshua Taylor

As Joshua’s video shows, service department videos are an effective tool for explaining recommended repairs in a way that assures that customers will understand what they are saying “yes” to. This builds on a trusting relationship that can be expected to bear fruit for years to come.

Joshua shot this video with his iPhone, and then easily and immediately uploaded it to Authntk and sent it out to the customer. That’s the power and ease of Walkaround Videos at work!

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