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Using Walkaround Videos to Capture Dealership Testimonials

In addition to capturing real Walkaround Videos, you may not have known that the Authntk platform also allows customers to easily capture dealership testimonials! Think back on your most recently satisfied customer. They practically burst into song about what a terrific experience it was, and what a true professional you were. Felt good, didn’t it?

Then what happened?

If you’re still stuck in 20th century vehicle sales, the next thing that happened is predictable. They drove off with a few of your business cards, leaving you with nothing but a wasted opportunity to capture their testimonial.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Did you know you can use your phone to capture dealership testimonials, right on the spot? And you don’t have to be a technical genius to make it work, either. Take a FREE test drive of Walkaround Videos to see how easy it is to get started.

How to shoot a testimonial:

  1. Ask the next customer what they thought about the experience
  2. Pull out your phone and say, “Would you mind repeating that while I record you? I’d love for other people to hear your opinion”
  3. Shoot the video, just as if you were taking their picture

Subscribers to the Walkaround video email service have the ability to manage their testimonials, at no extra charge. You can publish the video testimonial on your web site, forward it to someone by text or email, or save it for later use.

There’s a reason third party recommendations have such high marketing value. They’re authentic!

So be prepared next time. Sign up for the Authntk Walkaround Videos email service, and get back to what you do best – wowing the customer.

Visit to learn more OR take a free test drive.

Why Ignore Digital Trends That Sell More Cars?

BMW is revolutionizing the way luxury vehicles are marketed, and they aren’t the only ones. As auto sales shift to the Internet, more and more dealers are turning to technology solutions like the hot new dealership video email service, Walkaround Videos. What does that mean to you? Only this: You no longer have the luxury of ignoring the trends.

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, BMW is building dealership strategies that are more hands-on and experiential, using digital tools to make a lasting impression with discerning customers. But you don’t have sell Beamers to high net worth individuals for this approach to work for you. Authntk Walkaround Videos are a great way for ANY dealer, sales rep or service department to connect one-on-one with ANY customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. It’s an easy first step to bring your dealership into the digital age.

But why take the Wall Street Journal’s word that the strategy works? Try it yourself right now by taking it for a free test drive. Here’s all you do:

  1. Click this link, which takes you to our landing page
  2. Enter a few details
  3. Click "Get Started"

It’s simple. It’s free. And it works with the technology you ALREADY have. So try it now! Sign up for the Walkaround dealership video email service, and shoot a test video.

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How Different Types of Dealership Videos Perform

Our customers are using the Walkaround Videos platform to send out three primary types of videos to sell cars. All three types are working effectively, but we've noticed some fairly significant differences in how often they are played.

Let's look at the three types:

Real, authentic walkaround videos

The car is the star - these videos show the vehicle in question, highlight features that the prospect might not have been aware of, and many times answer specific questions the prospect had. Often the response can be, "Wow, the vehicle looks great, when can I take a test drive?" Not surprisingly, authentic walkaround videos are played the most.

Introductory videos

The rep is the star - these videos are shot with a webcam and usually show the salesperson sitting at her desk introducing herself and her dealership, but not showing the vehicle in question. Often the prospect response can be, "It's great to meet you, but I want to see the car!" Introductory videos get played about 10% less often than authentic walkaround videos.

Edited videos


The producer is the star - these videos start out as authentic walkaround videos that are imported into a movie program (like iMovie) to add visual effects, images, text overlays, music, etc. Because these videos can sometimes be perceived as "marketing fluff", they don't perform as well as the other two types. In fact, edited videos get played about half as much as authentic walkaround videos.

In summary, Walkaround Videos will work effectively for your dealership no matter how you decide to use it, but real authenticity is the best way to use video effectively.