Video Contest Winners Share Strategies

The Modern Automotive Group and Authntk Walkaround Videos teamed up to create a customized video contest for one month and give away $400 in cash! 

The contest had two categories: Best Vehicle Walkaround Video and Most Videos Sent in One Month. The winners collected their prize and spoke with us about their video process.

Best Vehicle Walkaround Video: Bryan Campbell, Modern Mazda

Here’s what made Bryan a winner…

  • Addressed Customer by Name

  • Closes with a Call to Action 

  • Personalization: Addressing Smoking Odor Concerns

  • Transparency: Mentioning Scratches on Side Mirror

  • Included a Demonstration: Tire Tread

Bryan, did you sell the Honda Pilot?

Yes, I did.

When you first heard Authntk’s video tool was going to be available to you, what were your thoughts?

I was pretty excited about it. I know a lot of customers go look at a car and the dealer says, “The car looks great!” But when they get there, it actually has a lot of issues. So I really like this tool because you can address those concerns, especially for customers who are coming from long distances. You can build trust, put them at ease, and help with the whole car-buying experience, which can be very stressful and video helps to take a lot of stress out of it. 

Do you send videos to every lead that comes in?

Yes, pretty much all the leads that we get, especially if they seem like they're on the fence. We try to introduce ourselves, and introduce the vehicle more in-depth where pictures may not do justice. 

Why do you think video is a good tool for communication and sales?

It gives customers a firsthand look at the vehicle where pictures may not show their concerns. With video, you can show chips, scratches, stains, and you can get a personal relationship started with them.

You can introduce yourself, they get gauge for who you are by the tone of your voice. So I feel like it's useful overall to put the customer at ease and making the experience warm and inviting. 

What is your best advice for other salesmen looking to improve their videos?

Just be very in-depth. Your customers can't see tread depth. They can't see stains. They can't see any blemishes. If the customer states that they have a concern about something, spend your time focusing on it. Really dive in because they're going to appreciate that honesty, and you're going to start tearing down those walls and earning trust before they even come to the dealership.

It makes the rest of the sale a lot easier. You're showing that you’re different than every other salesmen. You care about them. You don't care about just making a sale.

Most Videos Sent in One Month: Ashley Boyle, Modern Hyundai of Concord

Ashley sent 1,520 videos from July 15th through August 15th.

When you first heard that Authntk’s video tool was going to be available, what were your thoughts?

I honestly thought it was going to be kind of a hassle, but it was quick to send them and very easy. And we do get quite a bit of responses from them. 

How often do you send them out? 

Every day, at least 40 a day. 

Do you find that there was an increase in responses when sending videos? 

They do respond well, normally it's to the introductory and appointment reminder videos, it definitely helps us there. And if they opt out, that helps us too, to know they’re not interested.

Someone who won’t call you back is more likely to text if they’re not interested. If they don’t respond directly to the video, when you call them, they say, “Oh hey, is this Ashley?” So you know they watched it. 

Why do you think video is a good tool for communication and sales?

With video, customers are able to put a face to the name, they know who’s calling them, and it makes us a little bit different than other dealers. 

What it would be your best advice for other Internet Managers?

If you have an appointment, sending out a video is more effective than calling them because they feel like somebody's actually talking to them. Also, I think video introductions are really important. That’s the part that makes you really stand out. 

This contest was open to Modern Automotive users only. If you’re interested in a contest for your dealership, please contact us at