4 Reliable Standards for Videos (With Examples)

There are many ways to go about recording videos for customers…


there are a few tried and true standards that have been proven to increase engagement and responses. We encourage everyone to incorporate these tips into each and every video!

1. The length of your video should be under 2 minutes

This includes vehicle walkarounds, introductions, follow-up’s, tech demonstrations, any type of video. Don’t be afraid to make your message short and sweet, customers love videos that are packed with value, no fluff.

The right length will ensure your viewer won’t lose interest mid-way through the video.

56% of all videos published in the last year are less than 2 minutes long.

2. Avoid being “sales-y” or proper

One surefire way to make your customers cringe? Use a standard dealership sales pitch.

With video, you’re able to convey personality and transparency. Don’t waste precious time driving your customers away being a quintessential car salesman. Be the authentic person they can trust, and be yourself.

Customers want to learn, they don’t want to be sold to.

3.  Personalize all day

Recording a video that’s not personalized is like being handed a golf club and using it as a bat. Video screams personalization, after all you’re already recording a video exclusively for your customer. What’s more personal than that?

80 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase with brands that offer personalized experiences.”

How do you personalize videos?

• Say your customers name throughout the video

• Mention their interests like: make, model, SUV, small vehicle to get around in, space for the kids, back-up camera, leather interior, etc…

• Put them in the vehicle: phrases like “Great for kids getting in and out” or “Bluetooth and navigation is perfect for someone who’s in the car all day”

• Ask questions: If you don’t know anything about your customer, ask plenty of questions. What is it about this particular vehicle that you like? Are there other colors you’re into? Do you have a big family, or is it just you? Chances are, your customer will love talking about themselves, and you can narrow down exactly what they’re looking for. 

4. End with a call to action

It goes without saying that CTA’s increase conversions and fuel the sales process. You’d be surprised how many videos we see that end with “Call me if you have any questions”. So, what if they don’t have any questions?

Tips for Calls To Action:

• Turn the camera back on yourself so the customer can see you

• Be overly descriptive with what you’re asking them to do

• Mention you’re available to chat any time, even off hours

• Repeat your name and dealership 

• Be very specific and clear when describing the next step

If you need help incorporating these standards into your videos, contact us at info@authntk.com!