Salesman Breaks Down Video Process

We sat down with Laith Bader, Sales Consultant at Deery Brothers CDJR Iowa City, to get the scoop on his energetic and consistent video habits.

If we see a video of Laith come through, you better believe we are watching it. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he knows how to get anyone fired up about a vehicle. Check out what he has to say and don’t forget to adopt at least one or two of his tips and strategies in your own sales process!

How long have you been a part of the Deery Brothers family?

I’ve been with Deery Brothers for a little over a year. I started in September of 2017, I’ve been using video with customers since I started.

Do you approach every video with that energy, or does it depend on how you're feeling that day?

A lot of it does depend on if I've actually talked to the customer. If I have talked to the customer and I know that there are certain features they're excited about, I will point my enthusiasm more towards those, that way it doesn't feel drowned out by the rest of the video. And if I haven't really talked to someone, I'll send them a video and try to be as excited as I possibly can for that particular vehicle. I always like to try and end on a happy note.

Do you send a video to every customer and lead?

No, not to every customer. There are a few customers out there who prefer just photos. It's mostly for people that I have not met yet or people who have not seen the vehicle. So I could get a phone call in the dealership and they're asking about a vehicle, I’ll send them a video. If someone sends in an inquiry through the internet, I’ll send a video also.

Do you only send walkaround videos?

I also do introductions. I’ll point a camera at myself and say, ‘This is your sales consultant at Deery Chrysler, I just want to introduce myself so you know who to look for work and who you’ll be working with.

How has video affected the way you sell?

A lot of customers really like the videos. I'll get a lot of people telling me they like my energy and saying that they liked that they could actually see the vehicle. I’ve had people tell me they’ve never received videos at any other dealership before, so it actually has built a little bit of a rapport and made a connection between me and the customers. Video has significantly increased just everything - the way that I work with customers, the way closing the numbers are, it's before and after the sale, everything gets a little bit easier, a little bit better when they like the videos.

What would you say to someone who's on the fence about video?

Well, I would say if you don't send videos and another dealership does, there's probably going to be a chance they're not going to work with you. It's a good thing to do. It gets the customer involved and excited. If you can point out features you know they like, show you're going out of your way to take a video specifically for them, there's no way that a customer is not going like that.