Modern Auto Network Adopts Video at All Locations

Modern Automotive is a force to be reckoned with in the coastal state of North Carolina.

With 16 dealerships in western NC, it’s no surprise Modern is on its 4th generation of the family-owned business, established in 1933. President of Modern Automotive, Rob Fowler, says all five sons in the fourth generation are helping to keep them current, “Things are changing rapidly. We have lots of younger customers and a lot of different ways to communicate with them. We’re staying on top of that with the help of the fourth generation.


Enter Josh Moyer, the Social Media Manager who led the cause for arming Modern’s remaining 12 dealerships with a video platform. At the start of 2019, only 3 Modern dealerships had fully implemented Authntk Walkaround Videos, a mobile video platform for sending personalized videos via email and SMS.

At the dealerships where we did have video, people just loved it. We're also really big about testing products too. We did hash out a couple other platforms, but nothing else fit what we we’re looking for like Authntk did.

Getting the remaining dealerships on board was twofold. First, our BDC’s were looking for a video product that we could roll out across the network that would help them with VIN-specific interest from customers. And second, I was looking for a more efficient solution for capturing video and creating content for our social accounts. It’s important to me that I could have access to all the videos that are sent out by our team.”


Moyer manages around 100 Modern Auto social media accounts reaching over 2 million monthly impressions. In addition to social, he oversees advertising, OEM content, reputation management, and community outreach. Authntk will allow Moyer to have access to video content without driving to 15 stores to shoot walkround videos.

“I think for me personally, Authntk will boost my efficiency. For example if we get a killer used car in, someone could take a video that day and we could post it that day, or the day after. Also, I think it will really help our sales folks a lot.

My goal is to roll it out to our salesmen in the dealerships because it's really important for the consumer to have that personalized touch. If you're looking at a very specific car, it’s very powerful for that salesperson to show the exact car they're looking for, or if they're looking for something that we don't have, it would be great for them to say, “Hey, I know you're looking for this, but we have this.”

To have a small hand in helping Modern Auto reach their sales and marketing goals is something we don’t take lightly. It’s a partnership we look forward to expanding to the recently added dealerships and we’re thrilled to be working with such a well-respected auto network.
— Jeremy Steinberg, Authntk CEO

Getting a sales team on board with a new tool is no easy feat. Moyer plans to emphasize to them that it has to be used to be successful.

“That's where the Authntk dashboard and backend comes in. I can say, ‘Hey, look at this traffic we're getting’ or I can use other managers as a testimonial because Jim [Internet Manager, Modern Hyundai] will fire out 20 or 30 videos for leads that came in over the weekend.

Showing the effectiveness of video will help more people use it. It will only benefit them, and I'm excited about that. I really like the Authntk product and we already have guys who love it, so you can only grow from there. I think it's going to be a great tool.”

In the past year, Modern added 3 new stores to their network and had a whopping six stores receive the J.D. Power Dealer of Excellence Award, based on customer experience. Modern is partnered with over 30 community organizations that vary from sports teams, arts councils, special needs and health initiatives, local schools, and multicultural advocacy groups.


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