#autotalk Series with Featured Guests

Welcome to #autotalk!

We’re discussing everything current and digital in relation to the automotive industry. John Colban, Authntk Director of Operations, hosts the series and interviews a different featured guest each episode. Fresh perspectives, trending topics, and profitable advice from seasoned professionals… listen any time!

Episode 5 of #autotalk features JP Ostiguy, Manager of Retail Operations at The Zanchin Automotive Group in Toronto!

JP and John discuss adapting to new technologies in the "slow to grow" auto industry. They touch on how dealerships can engage the new generation, adopt new digital tools, and get their salesmen on board.

10:47 Pros and cons of new technology

15:05 Why is the auto industry slower to adapt

18:56 What does the auto industry look like 10 years down the road

20:58 JP’s coaching business

1:00 JP was a professional stand-up comedian

4:10 JP’s background

6:22 Push back with new technology

9:05 Role of dealership for modern generation

Episode 4 of #autotalk features Annafelle Mendoza from CMP Automotive in Calgary, Alberta!

Annafelle and John kick off this episode discussing the growing number of women in the auto industry, then move on to millennials - what they want, why they buy, and how to sell to them. Annafelle shares what the future of car-buying looks like along with her advice on tackling new changes millennials bring to the sales process.

13:20 - How to present cars to each generation

14:40 Advice for selling to millennials

15:50 Future of car-buying

:50 Annafelle’s background

2:28 Being a woman in auto industry

4:45 what millennials want

9:37 Reviews and word-of-mouth

Episode 3 of #autotalk features Sales Professional, Jason Green, from Exclusive Auto Wholesale in Pelham, Alabama!

In this 20 minute interview, Jason discusses his technology process that helps him sell thirty cars per month. He also touches on advice for those who aren’t used to video and what he sees for the future of sales and digital tools.

11:12 Jason’s video process

19:25 Advice for people new to video

21:35 How to stay ahead in the future

:50 Jason’s background

4:50 About Exclusive Auto Wholesale

7:40 Technologies used at EAW

Episode 2 of #autotalk features Authntk Walkaround Videos CEO, Jeremy Steinberg!

Jeremy not only has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, he’s also an car and motorcycle enthusiast. Jeremy and John discuss the rise in popularity of online car-buying and what it means for the future of the industry.

12:17 Advice on how to adapt

16:22 What the future of car-buying looks like

:45 Game of Thrones (spoiler alert)

3:05 State of online car-buying

7:00 The spectrum of car-buyers

In Episode 1 of #autotalk we’re featuring Cono Cirone, Sales Manager at Causeway Honda in Manahawkin, NJ!

Cono is a pro on Facebook, posting eye-catching, up-beat dealership videos often on his personal page, creating a real-life transparency that builds loyalty. Cono discusses why Facebook is so relevant to dealership sales and he offers a couple tips for salesmen to start implementing today!

13:00 Facebook Influencing Auto Sales

17:08 2 Tips for Salesmen

19:30 Cono’s Charities

22:24 Using Authntk at Causeway

:50 Wrestlemania

5:00 Cono’s Background

7:15 Facebook and Auto

11:15 Why video for Facebook?

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