Send Video Emails With Your Webcam

Did you know the Authntk platform was originally built to record videos via webcam only? With the advances of technology, the need for a mobile application quickly became apparent, and the rest is history. 

With the main use of Authntk being vehicle walkaround videos, sometimes the webcam option can be forgotten, but the webcam's ease-of-use stands the test of time and convenience.

Here’s how to record and send a video using your webcam: 

    1.    Log Into Authntk Using A Computer Desktop
    2.    Choose A Campaign & Click View Capture/Upload Page
    4.    Click "Get started"
    5.    Record Your Video
    6.    Enter Customer Details
    7.    Click "Submit"

That’s It! Your video will be processed and sent to your customer via email and text message. 

A few advantages to using your webcam with Authntk:

    1.    If your computer is hard-wired to the internet or using an ethernet connection, uploading will be quicker than using mobile wifi or data
    2.    Since you’re recording your video on the Authntk server, uploading and processing is quicker
    3.    Easily select saved video files that may only be stored on your computer

Don't Have A Webcam