7 Common Myths About Video

Today, we're debunking common myths! Video is dynamic and versatile, which leaves it open to many uses, interpretations, and misconceptions. We're here to weed out the untrue notions that may be keeping anyone from utilizing video. Here we go! 


Myth #1: It's too time-consuming and takes too long to stage the vehicle, edit the video, and upload it.

This may have been true back in the 90’s, but welcome to the age of transparency!

Today, people want honesty and transparency. Most social platforms have caught onto this, the prime examples being Snapchat and Instagram Stories. The real estate industry is using video and virtual platforms to give real experiences, and sales processes everywhere are being completely personalized toward individuals. 

Shooting a video can be done exclusively from your phone or tablet. Our stance has always been that authenticity is best (hence our company name). An edited video leaves the customer wondering what is being left out, while unpolished videos are the most authentic and trustworthy. After all, customers can see staged cars on TV commercials. In more than half of the walkaround videos we see, the vehicle hasn’t been moved or cleaned. If you’re doing it right, shooting and sending a video shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes


Myth #2: My staff isn’t tech-savvy enough.

There’s one rule we use to gauge whether someone will be able to use our video application: If you can take a video of your grandkids or your cat, you’re as good as gold. 

With most video email services, there's no uploading, downloading, or even emailing video files. It’s not a myth that a lot of people aren’t tech-savvy, and that’s why these steps are all taken care of in the backend. It’s as simple as pressing record and knowing your customer’s contact information. 


Myth #3: I have photos, so I don’t need video.

You know that feeling when you click on “See Video” and it turns out to be a photo slideshow? Well, so do your customers and it’s extremely misleading. 

Here are a few things you can do with video, and not photos…
    •    Point out and comment on vehicle flaws (scratches, dents, cleanliness, car history)
    •    Introduce yourself as the main contact for the vehicle, show your personality
    •    Address questions and/or concerns
    •    Presentations on features (backup camera, folding seats, console)
    •    Show the vehicle as it sits on the lot right now versus photos from a previous time


Myth #4: I’m camera-shy and don't have the personality for video.

If you’re camera-shy, just let the car be the star

This is a super myth that has robbed a lot of people of the ability to use video. Great news, there’s actually no obligation to be in front of the camera! Everything from a vehicle walkaround to an appointment follow-up can be shot without featuring your smiling face. Now, we do recommend being on camera for obvious reasons: t allows the customers to put a face to the name and it lends to a more genuine and transparent message. 

PRO Tip: A great solution for being camera shy is to avoid watching the video after you record it. Most likely, you’ll be over-critical, and the video isn’t for YOU, it’s for your customers! Here are a few more tips for the camera-shy salesman!


Myth #5: I don't have the money to invest in a new camera or equipment.

By all means, feel free to go all Spielberg on your videos, but the truth is most people don’t have the time or resources to create a 4K video production every time a lead comes in. 

Let’s keep in mind, even if you’re shooting with the best quality camera on the market, almost all videos go through some sort of encoding or compression in order to be viewed. If you’re shooting in 4K for example, it won’t be viewed in that quality unless your customer is watching on a 4K device, which is highly unlikely. 

There are ways to create good quality videos without investing in a camera or mic. Most mobiles devices and tablets have high resolution cameras of 12 megapixels or more. They have stabilizers and HD video quality, as well as zoom and editing features. A good set of headphones (that usually comes with your phone or tablet) picks up great sound quality as well. 


Myth #6: It’s too expensive.

There are a variety of ways to send video, and certainly there are free options. Keep in mind, if you don’t have a budget for using video, you’re going to end up paying for it in one way or another. 

There’s a common misconception that a video email service will drain thousands from your bottom line, but you’ll find quite the opposite. Most reasonable video services, including Authntk, range from $99 to $499 per month, depending on how many users you have. When you factor in the value of video in the sales process and competitor advantage, it’s a small price to pay. 


Myth #7: Customers can find everything on YouTube.

This is a very common myth because YouTube should definitely have a place in your sales and marketing strategies. The problem is, a lot of people confuse YouTube as a complete video solution. Here are a few reasons why it’s not… 

    •    There are A LOT of videos on YT about cars. Everyone has a channel, including manufacturers and your competitors. Sending customers to YouTube is exposing them to direct competition, private sellers, and taking them further away from your website
    •    YouTube is a great tool if you’re only selling brand new cars. There are no details on the exact vehicle your customer is interested in - mileage, previous owners, history, etc.
    •    It takes time to upload videos and fill out all of the required information

With YouTube being one of the largest search engines that exists, there are many ways to utilize it to your benefit, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of losing customers or their attention. Take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of YouTube here