Introducing the NEW Authntk 2.0!

In this Blog Post:

    •    Technical Improvements
    •    Schedule A Walkthrough

    •    How Do I Get The App?
    •    New Features Walkthrough [Video]


It’s official, the new and improved Authntk Walkaround Videos application has hit the Google Play app store (Apple to follow)! Get more accomplished with new features and faster uploading!

The update is 100% based on customer feedback and input from dealerships, completely designed for a quicker and easier experience! 

How Do I Get The App?

If you have your device set to automatically update applications, your Authntk app will update to the new version on its own. Keep in mind, we’ve updated our branding as well, so the icon will look different, as well as the interior of the app. 

If your device is not set to automatically update applications or you do not see the updated version, follow the steps below… 

    1.    Go to the Google Play Store
    2.    Search "Authntk"
    3.    Click "Update"

New Features Walkthrough

Technical Improvements

Look & Feel
    •    New brand identity, company logo, and app icon
    •    New skin, colors, sleek & modern design
    •    New intuitive layout and button locations

Camera Enhancements
    •    Pause and resume recording feature
    •    Flip front and rear camera view while recording
    •    Reference timer count down from two minutes
    •    Stitch archived videos to new recording
    •    New Upload Status Page shows time remaining and status of current and recent uploads
    •    Required landscape mode for all recordings, say goodbye to portrait boxing

The update offers improved reliability in the uploading and processing of longer and high resolution videos. This will dramatically decrease upload failures and video backlogging.
We’ve improved and expanded our Amazon Web Server to better handle video files. In the last year including this update, we’ll have gone from a t2.medium to a t2.xlarge server - more space and more power. 

Be prepared to see improved upload speeds, and in the event that something were to go wrong, the application will be equipped with more desirable error messages. These messages will communicate detailed information to the user regarding any problems.

Schedule An App Walkthrough

If you or your team would like to schedule an Walkthrough Webinar, please fill out the form below. We are happy to demonstrate the new features and answer any questions.

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