5 Apps Every Car Salesman Needs

There were 175 billion mobile app downloads in 2017, globally. (App Annie) Considering there are 7 billion people on the planet, this only means one thing: people are using their phones… A LOT.

Anyone remember when “downloading apps” pretty much meant you were downloading games? Now, mobile devices and tablets aren’t just sources of entertainment; it’s all business. 

How much can I get done on my phone? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, the answer is: there’s an app for that.


Here are 5 apps specifically for car salesmen that guarantee productivity at your fingertips, literally. 

1. CRM
Just a few of the top CRMs used by dealerships (VinSolutions, DealerSocket, eLeads) all offer mobile applications. It’s hard to pin down a car salesman to a desk, and the demand for working on-the-go is providing a great deal of accessibility. Your leads don’t stop coming in when you leave your office, so why should you stop tracking them? 

2. Authntk
How could we leave Authntk off the list when we’ve seen so many salesmen benefit from it? Increased response rates and sales, higher post-sale ratings, increased repeat customers - just a few of the ways Authntk’s 3-step process can serve you, all in under 5 minutes. Sending personalized videos to leads and customers can make all the difference between you and your competition. Try our new Android 2.0 version for free here!

3. Facebook Messenger
Long gone are the days waiting in the dealership for customers to come to you. With your phone and a good connection, there’s no excuse for not meeting your customers where they hang out - online, that is. Studies show the majority of Facebook users access the app several times a day, which means if you’re not talking to your customers on social platforms throughout the day, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Android / Apple

4. 30/30
We’ve established, as a salesmen, you’re often floating around the dealership, but when you are at your desk, are you working efficiently? Everything from sending emails, making follow-up calls, filling out reports, to downloading the latest on a new model, it all can get lost in the shuffle. 30/30 is a task manager that allows you to set a timer to each task you create. It’s the ultimate time manager and named "one of the Best ADHD Apps of 2015" by Healthline. Apple / Android Comparable


5. Foreceipt
A great tool for any employee or independent contractor, Foreceipt allows you to track your business spending and receipts directly on your phone. You can also set budgets and payment reminders. For those salesmen who pride themselves in building their own personal brand, often using out-of-pocket resources, this one is a no-brainer. Apple /  Android Comparable