Video of the Month - The Transparency Sale

Gone are the days of the classic, pushy sales pitch.

More than ever consumers are seeking truth and transparency... and they’re getting it. Review-driven purchases are at an all-time high, along with influence marketing. The people have spoken and they want a resource, not a salesman.

In a study performed by PowerReviews and Northwestern University, they found a consumer’s likelihood to purchase a product peaked at a 4.2 - 4.5 star review (out of 5). Purchase-likelihood actually drops above a 4.5 star rating. 

But, why? 

The same reason videos, reviews, and influencers are becoming a part of your sales process... TRANSPARENCY. Consumers view a perfect 5-star product rating as too good to be true. In other words, no product is perfect. The more you claim it is, the more they pull away.

A buyer doesn’t believe a perfect score, and will seek dissenters for a full picture of the pros and cons of a solution before making a purchase of substance.
— Todd Caponi, PowerReviews

Transparency is one of the reasons video is dominating content and communications and it's no different with auto sales. Vehicle Walkaround Videos are a great way to lend credibility and honesty right from the start, because videos never lie. It may make you a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but try going into a sale disclosing one or two car facts that won’t make or break the sale. Your customers will eat it up, and think how valuable transparency is when you’re making a big purchase.

For our Video of the Month, watch Rob Harbison at Heyward Allen Toyota as he shows off a Ford Ranger. Here are a few highlights that inadvertently create trust between Rob and his customer… 

Rob shows the vehicle while on the lift

Message: This is a behind the scenes look, we’re actually inspecting your vehicle thoroughly

Shows hidden angle of the undercarriage

Message: There’s no rust, we’ve got nothing to hide

“It’s now being inspected”

Message: We’re looking for things that may be wrong with the vehicle before you buy it 

“It’s getting front and rear brakes”

Message: The vehicle isn’t perfect, but we’re fixing it for you

“The inside hasn’t been detailed yet”

Message: I’m still going to show you the interior even if it’s not pristine

Rob closes by telling his customer a vehicle with low mileage will move quickly. By this time in the video Rob has built so much trust, it’s incredibly easy for his customer to believe him when he conveys urgency and actually starts to sell. 

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