What does a Post-Sale Video Email look like?

Are you still on the fence about sending "Post-Sale Videos"?

Here are 4 reasons to send your customer a video after the sale, plus a word from John, Authntk Operations Manager, showing exactly what it looks like to the customer...

  1. Send a personal "Thank You" video showing you're still committed after the sale
  2. Request positive reviews and stress the importance of the post-sale survey
  3. Remind your customers of any outstanding items - tags/title, service items, registration, etc.
  4. Prompt customers to provide referrals by forwarding your post-sale video email to their friends. The email is packed with your contact info and personality; You'll be in many more inboxes with a quick "Here's who we bought our car from, he/she is awesome!" 


To reach out and set up your post-sale template, click here!

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