[VIDEO] “Better With Joe” Grows Business Using Authntk

Joe Davis in Athens, GA made the switch to from a high-line dealership to Heyward Allen Toyota with no book of business or Toyota customers. Since then, he has build a strong social media presence and attributes a lot of his success to using Authntk to reach customers in a variety of ways.

Joe talks about how he uses Authntk with his customers and prospects...

A customer is about 3X more likely to open a video and view it than they are to read an email.


Joe's Uses for Authntk...

Repeat & Referral Business:  “Is there anybody you want me to send that video to?”

Out of State Customers for Pre-Owned Cars: “The video is a whole lot more reliable, it’s showing them I’m authentic and transparent.”

Orphaned Accounts: “I will send a quick video just so they have a name and a face.”

Service Department: “Just this morning I sent a video showing the difference in payment and the amount of interest the person would pay if we were aloud to lower their interest with a different car at a better rate.”

The Dreaded Unsold: “I’ll send a tail light text, and a video of the car they looked at, the one thing that might separate me from everybody else.”

Post-Sale: “It gives me the opportunity to remind them of things very important to me… survey, referrals, reviews…”

Anniversaries: “Hey believe it or not, it’s been one year since you bought the car, consider me the point of contact at the dealership.” 

Special Sales & Incentives: "It allows me to talk one-on-one through Facebook and other social media platforms... I'll do a quick video and let people know what's going on."


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