3 Reasons to White-Label Your Authntk Emails

At Authntk, our email deliverability rate is 97.62%. 
This basically means we do a pretty great job at delivering emails to your recipients; however, new technologies and features leave the door open to always improve and provide a better product for our customers… which brings us to white labeling email domains. 
I realize this sounds fairly complicated, but you don’t have to be a techie to understand, I promise. Here’s what you need to know...
Since you’re sending video emails via Authntk, your recipient’s ISP (Internet Service Provider - Gmail, Yahoo, Verizon) will check to make sure the email is coming from a real domain with a real email account.
With the white labeling feature turned on, emails which were “mailed by” and “signed by” authntk.com, are now mailed and signed by your dealership’s domain - causeway.com, wylergourp.com, maplemazda.com, gmdealer.com etc. Here is the difference…

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3 reasons why you should set up white labeling for your Authntk Video Emails...
    1.    Improve open rates. While we don’t have a problem with our open rates, having a domain that matches the actual sender email prevents problems from occurring in the future. It’s an extra measure to tell your customer’s ISP that you are a legit email sender.
    2.    Lend credibility. By signing the emails from the same domain as the sender’s email address you’re telling the ISP’s that you've verified your domain and the sender is a verified user… basically that you’re not a spammer.
    3.    A good practice. With stricter laws on email marketing, security is getting more and more complex. Gmail in particular is adding more security and filtering more emails. All of our new customers will be urged to turn this feature on.
Just contact us here to get set up with white labeling for your Authntk video email service!
For more about email deliverability, read “Video” in the Subject Line: How to Increase Your Open & Click-Through Rates