Manager Takes Over Leads For A Week, Proves Video Works

In April I published one of Authntk’s most successful blog posts, Q+A: Senior Manager of Auto Group Talks Video with Authntk. It was the first of two posts featuring our interview with JP Ostiguy, Director of Retail Sales and Operations at the Alta Automotive Group. He works with over 20 dealerships and has the highest volume and #1 closing ratio for internet leads in Canada. The average dealership JP manages brings in about 130 internet leads per month, not including used cars. 

For our second post on JP’s interview, I’m giving you the full and unedited video that was recorded live on YouTube. I’m also highlighting a few really important topics that were not mentioned in the first post. 

Video Skeptic Puts JP to the Test Selling Cars, Timestamp 21:36

JP’s last year selling cars was 2013 and he sold 417 cars that year. “I always get asked, ‘Have you ever sold cars before?' ...because my theories and ideas are kind of off-the-wall compared to the conventional way. A dealer told me once you’ve been too far removed, you don’t know the customers. So I said no problem, I’ll take over your leads for a week.” 

Find out what happens when JP takes over one of his dealership’s leads and starts punching out videos immediately. The results are shocking, and will motivate you to send more videos!

Skating Deals, Timestamp 16:00

“Skating” is a term in the auto industry that means stealing another salesman’s customers, whether it’s intentional or not. Often times, the customer will come in having been helped by a salesman over the phone or by email, and they won’t remember his/her name, or won’t know what they look like, making the deal fair-game for others to snatch. JP talks about Authntk being a solution for skating and missed appointments. 

Post-Sale Templates and Reviews, Timestamp 17:26

JP calls them “personalized thank you cards”, sending a very specific thank you video to your customers after the sale. He talks about post-sale videos impacting your referrals, Google and dealer reviews, and using FaceTime with customers. 


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