"Call Me Maybe" Video of the Month

We dug deep in our archives for May’s Video of the Month. This time we’re featuring a compilation video to the catchy, and popular to a fault, “Call Me Maybe”. 

May is an exciting time for dealerships - most of you are kicking off summer sales events, developing warm-weather marketing strategies, and getting your lots in tip-top shape. If you were going to put together a compilation video, is there a better time than now? Taking it a step further, is there a better way to introduce yourself than this?

We realize this type of video and introduction isn’t for everyone, but the least you could do is use it to spark your creative juices... How can you use video build your personal brand? How can you use video to create a memorable first impression? What type of compilation video would suit your personality? 

There’s only one rule if you’re making a compilation video: let it serve you.

Before you starting thinking of ideas, ask yourself “What purpose is this video going to serve?” In the case of the video above, he sent it as an introduction to every new lead he received. You, on the other hand, may want to create a thank you compilation with your team, a tour of your dealership, or a fun holiday sales event video.

Whatever you decide, be sure your compilation video serves your sales process and your customers. Happy shooting!