3 Ways to Boost Your Memorial Day Sales

Put us to work this Memorial Day! The Authntk application was made to be customized and personal. So, if you want your customers to know about upcoming holiday sales and promotions, use the Authntk app to show them and tell them! 

Authntk Walkaround Videos App

1. Set up your Memorial Day landing page template

Which email template below looks like a better way to promote your holiday sales? Let your customers know what’s going on before they even play your video. Contact us to get your free template today.

2. Use your videos to communicate promotions 

Don’t feel like you have to stick to the script. If your dealership has good deals and promotions for the holiday, then incorporate them into your videos. All of your videos can start with a special Memorial Day greeting, your customers will appreciate it and feel the buzz of the holiday.

3. Create holiday incentives and videos

Sitting at a car dealership may be the last place your customer wants to be on Memorial Day weekend. Offer your customers an incentive for coming in over the holiday. Gift cards, raffle tickets, or personal deals are great ways to nudge them to your store and into the driver seat. 

Remember you can send unlimited videos, so think about creating a special Memorial Day video for a few customers. Take them around your dealership, showing off deals, mentioning rates, let them feel the excitement and buying atmosphere of the holiday at your dealership. Here are a couple examples...

Contact us for more Memorial Day ideas, sample holiday scripts, and to get your landing page template! Don't forget to follow us on social media for more!