[INFOGRAPHIC] The Ultimate List: "Uses for the Authntk App"

Are you only using the Authntk App for walkaround videos?

That's like Tony Romo only throwing to Terrance Williams when he's got Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliot. Does Jordan Spieth play a whole round with only his pitching wedge, leaving his driver and irons behind? Imagine if Clayton Kershaw threw a changeup, every single pitch. Get it? #sportsanalogies

While "the walkaround video" is our MVP, that doesn't lessen the value of other uses you could be taking advantage of. Don't leave money and customers on the table, test some of the  different uses for the Authntk App on our list, see which weapons you can add to your arsenal today!


See something you like? Let us know what type of video you'd like to add to your campaign and we'll set you up with a customized template! Shoot us a message at info@authntk.com