Video of the Month Lands Next-Day Sale

His passion is infectious, his knowledge undeniable, his energy moves people to action… he is Al Baker of Deery Brothers Iowa City!  

Deery Brothers has been using Authntk Walkaround Videos since 2015 and they’ve been seeing great results (See Deery video testimonial here). Al Baker has been in the auto industry for 25 years, and averages 20-25 vehicles sold per month. If you’ve never met Al or watched one of his videos, hang onto your hats and enjoy the ride!

Before we dive in, we’d like to point out that Al records two videos for each customer, one for the exterior of the car and one for the interior. Al says he does this to save time because there is so much to go over, this way he can show more of the car. 

“With the internet being such a powerful tool, Walkaround Videos is what has increased my business and will increase all of our business. By shooting walkaround videos, the customer comes in, they know who I am, and what car they’re looking at. Most of the time I don’t even have to go over anything else except drive the car, and relay a little of what I told them. What a unique tool, I’ve done about 1,800 videos and I’m going to continue to use it. I know it’s going to help me gain business, I know that. It’s a great tool.”
-Al Baker

Not only did Al’s video earn Authntk’s Video of the Month, but the day after the video was sent, it earned Al a sale. Here’s why…

Energy: Al’s energy is palpable. His tone, voice inflection, volume, and speedy communication all contribute to the mood he creates. Certainly, we all don’t have Al’s energy. We’re not saying you need to have Al’s personality, but we are saying that the more excited you are about the vehicle, the more excited your customers will be. Simon Sinek says, “Think about buying a car. It’s an emotional decision looking for logical justification.”

Endorsement: They’re subtle, but they pack a punch. Al uses phrases like “Watch this”, “This shifts like a dream”, and “You will be amazed at everything that’s in this Jeep”.  Keep in mind, a insincere compliment can turn a customer off immediately, but it’s fair to say we have a salesman here that’s genuinely enthusiastic about the vehicle. Al also mentions that he has the same car, so there’s no doubt his endorsement is sincere. 

Knowledge:  In closing, Al says “I’ve been in the car business for 25 years, and I’d be glad to assist you.” Every salesman would love to be able to say that. The truth is, you don’t have to be in the car industry for 25 years to be an expert on the product you’re selling. Knowledge of the product has been proven to increase sales and it can be conveyed in countless ways. 

Al uses technical names for a lot of the features he highlights, such as “Proximity Key” for “Touch Start”. He also names each of the utility outlets: USB, iPod, and SD. He explains how the automatic shut-off works, and mentions how many phones can be synced via bluetooth. All examples of easily obtained knowledge that will have an positive impact on customers.

Convey Ownership: Instead of telling us about the features, Al shows us. By showing the benefits and quality of a feature, instead of just the feature alone, it helps the customer to envision him or herself in the car and conveys ownership as they watch the video. Al actually uses the back-up camera, the fold-out visor, the proximity key, and shifter.

Let's not forget one of the basics, Al uses a strong call-to-action, “Call me, come in and see which one works best for you.” He actually spends 23 seconds of his video letting the customer know what they should do next and why they should do it. 

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