How To Use Video Reporting To Your Advantage

Are you using Authntk’s Performance Reports to your advantage? Do you use the data to draw conclusions and improve sales? 

People use analytics and data in a lot of different ways. Some log in, take a look around, make sure nothing is off kilter, and leave. Others look at data as an insight into the past and future. They allow it to transform from mere numbers on a screen to understanding customer’s preferences, conclusions regarding what sells, and motivation for salesmen. 

Instead of looking at video reporting as simply “who’s viewing your videos”, we encourage you to take the next step into analyzing data for performance purposes. Here’s how… 

Performance Summary Reports - Most Suited For Managers

Within performance summary reports, you have the ability to see all of your salesmen and data in one place. You may customize a date range, and export the data to excel. 

Accountability: Keep track of how often salesmen are using the tool, who has recorded the most new videos, and who is is slacking

Top Views: See whose videos are getting viewed the most and use those as an example, investigate the types of videos they’re recording to see what is working

Comparisons: Create a competitive atmosphere in sales meetings by comparing analytics amongst salesmen, correlate data to appointments, leads, and sales
Plays Per View: Also featured in Individual Reporting, find out exactly how valuable your videos are by how many times customers come back to watch 

Video Reporting Authntk Walkaround Videos

Individual Reports - Most Suited For Salesmen

Within Individual Reporting, you have the ability to see your specific data (videos created, plays, views) as well as data for each of your videos. You may select from current week and current month views. 

Top Performing: See your most viewed videos in the current week and month, investigate patterns that show why they’re so popular 

Plays: Videos with the most plays offers insight into which of your customers are the most interested, a great way to navigate where you should invest the most time 

Timing: Investigate how consistent your videos are across time, are there specific weeks of the month where viewing activity is higher?

Visuals: Gather data from our comprehensive color-coded graph views, investigate spikes in videos created, plays, and views

Salesman Video Analytics Authntk

No matter how you look at it, reporting and analytics for any tool you're investing in is essential. It's what you do with the data that can improve your business and make it worth your time. In what ways are you using analytics and data at your dealership? 

[VIDEO] How To View Authntk Video Reporting