Video of the Month - The Service Department

Congratulations to Heyward Allen Motor Company’s Service Department! The powerful message they created using Authntk Walkaround Videos wins our November Video of the Month! 

In about 60 seconds service manager, Jesse Cranford, conveys a completely understandable diagnosis of the vehicle’s problem, leaving the customer informed and confident. Check it out… 

Here’s what Jesse had to say about his experience using video for service customers… 

“The video was very instrumental in documenting what the customer first thought was a warranty concern. The video clearly shows that the vehicle had some rear end damage that was not covered under the warranty. We are slowly but surely getting our techs on board with taking video for the customer to see the actual part that they are asking to replace, and it seems to be a big help. Video is going to blow up and be the best way to communicate with the customer very soon. With everyone carrying an iPhone, we all need to get on board and ride the train to success.”

Build trust. Gain customers.  

As Jesse demonstrates, there is no room for dishonesty. Video is 100% transparent, eliminating the popular belief that service departments rip you off, lie to you, and exaggerate problems. Using video to build trust creates repeat business, positive reviews, and lifelong customers. 

What’s holding you back from shooting video in your service department? Let us know here