Are You Missing Marketing Opportunities? Halloween & More

Here at Authntk Walkaround Videos, we hold a very unique vantage point. 

We have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of dealerships on a daily basis, and it’s our job to familiarize ourselves with their respective marketing efforts. We see a wide variety of tactics from basic sales techniques to blowout events. 

We’ve found the most popular dealerships share a strategy that can easily be learned and implemented... that is one of seizing opportunities

There are dealers that watch events come and go - like the 2017 Eclipse, the Olympics, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the 2016 Election, the Super Bowl - business as usual; then there are dealers that see everything through a marketing filter and wouldn’t let a rainy day go by without taking advantage of it. 

Ask yourself, which category do you fall under?

Are you missing opportunities to connect with your community and sell more cars?

Authntk Marketing Opportunity

First, you’ll need a common interest across a big audience. 

In preparation for the 2017 Solar Eclipse, our social feeds were sprinkled with dealerships hosting viewing parties, giving out eclipse glasses, offering creative food and refreshments, sponsoring live coverage, even vehicle giveaways. 

The eclipse is a great example of a mass common interest event to jump on, but it doesn’t have to be on a national scale. Local community interests hit home by cultivating a sense of loyalty and support from your dealership. 

Next, you’ll need to add value.

Why would anyone visit your dealership (that includes your website and social) for something like the eclipse, Halloween, or a charity event? What’s in it for them?

Newton Nissan, Authntk customer and DealerRater’s #1 Nissan Dealership in America 2017 & 2016, holds an annual “Trunk or Treat” Halloween celebration. We spoke with Kyle Bolton, Internet Director, and here’s what he had to say about it…

“It’s a joint effort between us and other community businesses and organizations. At our Gallatin location we’ll have somewhere between 7-10,000 people come through, and 3-4000 people in Shelbyville. We provide the space and candy while other vendors provide live music, pizza, bounce houses, etc.
Dealership brand awareness is one of the reasons why we put on such a big event, but really our dealership has always been about customer experience, so that is our focus in everything we do. I’ve personally seen this event lead to sales, all of our employees are there and it’s really a team effort.”
Newton Nissan Trunk or Treat

A bash for 10,000 people may not be the right start, or the right fit, for your dealership but Halloween is a huge common interest and it certainly fits the formula. All you have to do is add the value.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking… and don’t forget, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are right around the corner!  

Authntk Videos: Incorporate the holiday into the videos you’re already sending to your customers
Facebook Contests: Spruce up your social profiles and offer fun contests like best costume photo with a vehicle
Current Car Deals: Promote any seasonal discounts and spin the best deals into holiday promotions
Host A Party/Event: Plan a huge bash or celebrate with walk-ins, no one leaves empty handed
Share in Community Events: Show you’re a player in the community by representing your dealership at events or sharing local festivities on social media