Where Should I Market My Walkaround Videos? YouTube vs Website

What should I do with my walkaround videos? Since our previous post “Using Walkaround Videos’ YouTube Integration”, we’ve been asked this questions several times. More specifically, “Should I add my walkaround video to my website, or focus solely on YouTube?”


YouTube vs. Website

This is like asking if you should park your car in your own garage, or in a public parking lot where more people can see it. The primary place you want people to interact with your brand is on your website. So by all means, put your videos on your own site!

Your website is a great way for customers to access deeper, resource-level content that is specific to your dealership during their search. When you’ve got them on your dealership site, you can direct them to a specific page, and go for the sale. The videos are about your dealership and your personal brand, selling cars while investing in your personal business

Now, our advice about YouTube still holds true. You definitely want to “park your car” there as well. You can expand your digital footprint by using YouTube for awareness building, generating subscribers, and driving traffic back to your website. YouTube is a good way to get more exposure and have more people find you by searching for similar vehicles. 

You should absolutely include both YouTube and
website-hosted video in your content strategy.

Note: It must be said, using YouTube as your entire video marketing strategy is a big mistake. The biggest downside to YouTube for dealerships is the reality that prospects and customers who watch your video there will be presented with competitors’ ads and related videos, which could lure them away from you… one of the many benefits of sending personalized video to customers and leads via Authntk, versus sending a YouTube link.


Authntk features to help you dominate both strategies…

YouTube Integration: One of the best automated features of the Authntk app is that you can push your Walkaround Videos to YouTube on the back end. You have the option to turn on YouTube integration, meaning once you click send in the Authntk app, your videos will automatically be uploaded to your YouTube channel (Contact us today to setup your YouTube integration).

Customer Admin Tools: With our customer admin, you have access to a variety of useful tools. This is where you can grab the embed code for any of your videos, and put them on your site with just one push of a button. Other tools in the customer admin include Video Reporting (see number of views and percentages), weekly and monthly reports, resend videos, download video files, and send videos from your webcam.


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