Where in the World Is Authntk Walkaround Videos?

Think globally, act locally, and create an amazing customer experience with video in any country.

Did you know that Walkaround Video is available all over the world?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

We are coming up on one year since we started working with our first European dealer, Carpoint Ford Store, based in Rome. This is a wonderful addition to the global Walkaround Videos community which includes many dealerships in Canada, including Vancouver, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island. All over North America, and in Europe, dealerships are discovering new ways to drive vehicle sales with Walkaround Videos. 

For dealership that serve customers who speak languages other than English, what does this mean to you?

First, if you are located outside of the United States, you will appreciate knowing that we can make our app available in the app store specific to your country.

Second, regardless of where you’re located, you’ll love the fact that Walkaround Videos is fully customizable! The emails and landing pages associated with your account can be configured in any language you need. We can even do different versions for the same dealership! For example, if you are in Montreal and have a bi-lingual customer base, we can create a French and an English version for you, and design a template based on what you need. Another example: if you are in Miami and have Spanish-and English-speaking customers, we can give you access to a Spanish version and an English version. Your customers will know, instantly, that you care.

To make this happen, we simply create two versions of the emails and video landing pages. In the case of the Montreal dealership, you would have a French version and an English version. Then, when someone speaking French requests information on a specific vehicle, you simply launch the app, and select the language you want. The tool knows to send the French email and insert French in the templates. When someone speaking English requests information, just repeat the process, selecting English as the language you want. C'est tout!

Thanks to the flexibility, customization and ease-of-use of Walkaround Videos, dealerships all over the world are gaining first-hand experience with how powerful it is to send videos automatically by text or email. You can use Walkaround Videos to create an amazing experience for the customer, no matter what language they are speaking.

Try it for yourself!  Take Walkaround Video for a FREE test drive.  Good Luck! ...or In bocca al lupo!