Video of the Month – Show Them What LOVE Is!

Congratulations to Brandon McNeil of Steele Chevrolet in Dartmoth, Nova Scotia! The original, light-hearted video he created using Walkaround Videos has snagged our Video of the Month!

With his outside-the-box thinking and creativity, Brandon shows a great way to impress the customer and create a DISTINCT, LASTING IMPRESSION with video… 

Check it out:


In this Walkaround video, Brandon puts all of the attention on the vehicle by using a hilarious, sales approach that his prospects will surely love. And speaking of love, how about his use of the song, “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner? Brilliant! The background music plays while Brandon quietly invites the customers, Janet and Brad, to spend some time “alone” with the Acadia.

It’s funny. It’s endearing. And it works. What’s not to love?

Chris Beaton is the sales manager over at Steele Chev, and he had this to say about Brandon's video: 

"Sometimes it's not what you say, it's just the fact that you made the contact. Key point to selling is make yourself memorable. It's not HOW they remember you as long as them remember you. A lot of the times guys run out of reasons to contact, what a fun, soft contact this was."

What a terrific experience for customers! In this short, 52-second video, Brandon reminds them of several important facts:

  1. He is here to take care of them
  2. They LOVE this vehicle
  3. They know what to do next 
  4. He has a great sense of humor

We wanted to find out if these customers actually purchased the vehicle, so we reached out to Brandon for his comments:  

"I'm glad you enjoyed the video. The app [Authntk] has been a major help in getting customers in the door and also to help them enjoy the process of buying a new vehicle. The customers did in fact purchase the Acadia. Myself and other sales staff here have had a lot of success with this app and would like to personally thank you for that."

Customers often visit several dealerships and talk to many salespeople in their journey to purchase the vehicle they love. Be like Brandon. Make yourself AND the vehicle unforgettable. Send them a unique, personal and light-hearted video that captures their heart. 

If we could offer just one piece of advice to Brandon... Don't forget to always record in landscape mode!

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