Video of the Month – The Power of Transparency

Congratulations to Joe Davis of Heyward Allen Toyota! The well-planned, perfectly executed video he created using Walkaround Videos has been selected as our Video of the Month!

Joe’s video demonstrates that using video is a great way to connect with the customer by sending a unique, personalized video message that stands out, EVEN IF THE UNIT ISN’T PERFECT!

Check it out:

What is Joe doing that YOU could be doing?

There’s SO MUCH that Joe is doing well in this walkaround video. The best part is, he's just using simple techniques that anyone could be using!! Here are a few things we love about it:

  1. He uses Landscape Mode! This may seem like a simple concept, but what a difference it makes to the customer. It fills the whole video player up very nicely, and gives the customer a fantastic experience! (Click here to read more on the importance of shooting videos in landscape mode.)
  2. He’s personable! When Joe says, "Hi Megan, it's Joe Davis," Megan knows this video is only for her. What a nice experience that is for the customer. 
  3. He’s transparent! Joe builds trust by being honest and not sounding like your typical BS artist. Joe comes right out at the start and says, "It's very dirty.” He also shows a blemish on the paint and says, "Here's one spot we'll take care of.” 
  4. He keeps it short! 1:04 seconds is plenty of time to introduce yourself, show the interior, exterior and features. Beautiful. We all know 90 seconds is the consumer's sweet spot.
  5. It sounds good! Joe’s voice comes across very clear and crisp. 
  6. He does a great job staging the vehicle! By opening the doors, Joe gets the vehicle ready for recording before he begins. Planning ahead helps Joe make a clean video. 
  7. The video is of good recording quality! Joe isn’t shaky or jerky with the camera. He doesn’t run out of breath or rush the video. Everything happens quickly and precisely.  It’s evident that Joe is not a man who will waste the customer’s time.

A lot of customers find reasons to blow off their salesmen. Be like Joe. Send them a unique and personal video that gives them the information they are looking for. Not only will you please and impress people, you’ll invest in your long-term relationship with them, and generate sales for years to come.

But don’t take OUR word for it! Take Joe’s:

“I’m finding that the video is not only a fantastic way to give the customer a simple, fair, and transparent view of the vehicle, but I'm also finding it useful in gaining referrals by sending videos of customer deliveries to their friends and family. The video is also a great way to introduce myself to new customers who get moved into my portfolio when other sales staff move on.”

[UPDATE] :: We reached out to Joe to see if this customer bought the minivan, and sure enough, they did!! He sent them a video thanking them, and asking them to leave him a review. Perfect ending. 

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