TESTIMONIAL: “Walkaround Videos pushed up our Internet business about 30-40%.”

What’s the most effective way to increase Internet sales at your dealership?

If there was one simple thing you could add to your day that would increase your Internet business by 30-40%, would you do it? 

Michael Kuna did. Let's all be like Mike! Michael is a Sales Representative at Causeway Family of Dealerships in New Jersey. Michael has been using Authntk Walkaround Videos to create more connections and interactions with customers, and sell more vehicles. 

“Walkaround Videos is such a great tool to use. It has pushed up business on the internet side about 30-40%.”

With Walkaround Videos, Michael says he's now doing the following

  • Taking the lead of other dealerships in the area
  • Sending videos to customers of real, live cars on the ground
  • Doing product demonstrations
  • Seeing increased participation in surveys
  • Generating positive reviews
  • Thanking the customer for their business
  • Answering questions

Watch the other powerful benefits Michael has enjoyed since adopting Walkaround Videos:

According to Michael, "People like seeing a video"He appreciates how they can see who they are speaking with, and can be confident that the person works for the dealership, and not someone from a call center. Since he personalizes each video with the customer's name, and can send them just information they are interested in receiving, Michael finds he is able to make a more meaningful connection. 

But the biggest reason Micael loves having Walkaround Videos? The overall elevation of his business. As Michael says,

"Before [using Walkaround Videos], we really weren't in the internet game. With this app, it really took us to the next level."

These are just a few of the many ways Michael uses Walkaround Videos to create a distinct, lasting impression on the customers. 

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