Testimonial: “We Took Sales Away from the Competition with Walkaround Videos”

If there was one simple thing you could add to your day that would steer sales away from your local competition and drive them to your dealership, would you do it?

Cono Cirone did. Cono is Sales Manager of Causeway Family of Dealerships in New Jersey.  Since November 2014, Cono has been using Authntk Walkaround Videos to separate himself from the competition, and sell more vehicles.

“We’re seeing sales that we’re taking away from other dealers locally, because we’re able to communicate with them [customers], show them the car and enhance the process. It makes life easy.”

Watch the other great things Cono has to say about Walkaround Videos:

Cono points out that the technology is very “in-the-now.” He loves how customers can turn around and share his videos with their friends. Since he can send the videos by email or text message, it’s very flexible, and he appreciates having access to campaigns that he can change and customize. He points out that it’s a good idea to use Walkaround Videos for everything from thanking people for their inquiry to providing testimonials and giving positive reviews after the sale.

But the biggest reason Cono loves having Walkaround Videos? The experience. As Cono says,

“We’re bringing the showroom right to your phone, and your computer.”

These are just a few of the many ways Cono uses Walkaround Videos to create a distinct, lasting impression the customers.

With an easy-to-use app that lives on his phone, he only needs about 90 seconds to record and send unique, personalized video messages that connect 1:1 with the customer and help him stand out.

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