Video of the Month – Short. Sweet. Powerful.

Congratulations to Joshlene Escobar, Internet Specialist at New Market Infiniti in New Market, Ontario! The short, sweet and powerful video she created using Walkaround Videos stole our hearts as well as the December Video of the Month Award!

With her impeccable timing and low-key approach, Joshlene makes a DISTINCT, LASTING IMPRESSION, with video. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes, and imagine receiving the following video:

Check it out:


Joshlene proves that making a really effective Walkaround Video is part art, part science – and she gets the mixture just right. Let’s analyze the parts separately from the whole, recognizing that it’s how it all comes together that makes Joshlene’s video so good.  

Trustworthiness: Joshlene gets to the point in this Walkaround video. She doesn’t get lost trying to sell you on the meaningless details. You can trust her.

Technique: She shoots in landscape mode (this is more important than you might think!), and does a great job framing up the car in the first frame. What an awesome first impression for the customer. 

Likability: Joslene’s willingness to brave the elements says something about her. And though her tone is matter-of-fact and efficient, and though she doesn’t speak much, Joshlene manages to exude tremendous warmth, even as the snowflakes fly.

Call to Action: She tells the customer exactly what to expect next: "I'll be sending you a follow up email". 


Joshlene had this to say about her experience using Walkaround Videos from Authntk: 

I try to shy away from saying too much on the video, so I have something to talk about when I send them a follow up email to ensure they received the video.

I love using Authntk because it’s simple and easy. The ability of being able to see how engaged a potential buyer is by tracking their video views helps me determine their desire and interest in that particular vehicle. Another thing I love about it, is the email template showing a little bit of our dealership’s personality with the photo attached.
— Joshlene Escobar


What a treat for customers! In this bite-sized, 30-second video, they are reminded of several important facts:

  • She will not waste their time
  • The vehicle is just gorgeous
  • She’ll go the distance for them
  • They know what to expect next 

So did the customer actually purchase the vehicle? We reached out to Joshlene for a follow-up: 

“Scott actually came to our dealership during the weekend and will be coming back with his wife to test drive again tonight. My fingers are crossed for a happy ending.”

We’re rooting for you, Joshlene!  Good luck!

Be like Joshlene. Send them a short and sweet video that generates more appointments. Yes, it’s that easy.

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