[VIDEO] in the Subject Line: How to Increase Your Email Open and Click-through Rates

According to a 2015 report by HighQ, "2015 The Year of Video Marketing", adding the word "video" to your subject line can have a dramatic increase in your email engagement.

The report states that email open rates are boosted 19%, there is a 65% increase in click-through rate and unsubscribes are reduced by 26%. 

Let me go ahead and say that again... Just by sending a video via email, and including "video" in the email subject line:

  • Email open rates are boosted 19%

  • Click-through rates increasd 65%

  • Unsubscribes are reduced by 26%

The reason this works is clear: People want videos! In fact that same report states that 50% of all mobile traffic is now coming from online video. And the real beauty is, this isn't just a fad that will go away. Many experts believe that by 2018, video will make up 79% of all consumer internet traffic.  


See the full report here:


The upshot is, when you send customers personalized videos, with the word “Video” in the email subject line, they are more likely to respond. The beauty of Walkaround Videos is that you don't even have to remember to add "Video" to the subject line, we can do that for you! All your email templates are coded for you, so current customers can just contact us today if you want to update your subject line. 

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