Guest Post :: Walkaround Video Best Practices

JP Ostiguy is the e-Commerce Director for the Zanchin Automotive Group, in Toronto Ontario, as well as a video user for the past year. In the video below, JP shares some walkaround video best practices that are translating into great results for his stores. Check it out!

To summarize a couple points from the video:

  1. Don't rule out the human factor
  2. Be energetic, upbeat and have fun
  3. Be transparent, don't hide the vehicle history
  4. HAVE FUN!

JP hits on the point of having fun a couple times, as this really translates to the customer through the video. Don't take yourself too seriously, have a good time and and let your personality shine though the video, to your customers.

Check back in a couple of weeks for more best practices and tips from JP!

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