Avoid Using Dealership Lingo In Your Videos

Neurologically, we all have an instinctual reaction to words and language. That’s why, in sales, there are good words and bad words. Good words include “you,” “because,” “free” and “instant.” People respond to “increase,” “take,” “amazing” and “announcing,” among other good words. And then there are bad words, to be avoided at all costs, especially when making a video.

Bad words aren’t what you think. In the auto industry, bad words are words that alienate customers. This happens when dealers, sales managers and reps forget that customers don’t speak their "lingo" and use words that customers don’t understand.

Consider this video script, loaded with dealer lingo (capitalized for emphasis):

“Hey, Charlie it’s Wild Bill, I'm the ISM here at Slang City Honda. I wanted to send you this follow up video about the UNIT you inquired about. Among the many features, this vehicle does include ATC, great for the coming winter. If you are UPSIDE DOWN on your current vehicle, our finance department is always willing to work with SECOND CHANCE customers, depending on your DOWN STROKE. So give me a call!”

Huh?! If you're sending a video with a script like that, be sure to include a dealership dictionary along with it.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using dealership lingo. Better to take your time, speak plainly and use words that everyone understands. When you know what good words to say – and what words to avoid – you can communicate effectively using the power and convenience of Walkaround Videos.

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