Quality of Response Beats Speed of Response

Speed kills! A new study by DealerSocket shows that if you slow down and take 16-30 minutes to provide a thoughtful response – as opposed to a rushed response -- you can create a better experience for customers that they will remember. Further evidence that quality of response has a bigger impact on conversion rates than speed of response, the study found that “second responders” convert 23% more sales than those who respond within 15 minutes (“Second-Fastest Responders Show Better Closing Rates”).

How is this happening? Consider…

The anatomy of speed of response

A lead comes in. The auto-responder sends an instant email, saying, “Thank you, TONY for your interest in FORD BRONCOS.” It provides specs about the vehicle, which isn’t really helpful, because Tony already saw them on the web site. It lists three or four other cars that he might be interested in, which isn’t that helpful, either. Tony knows what he wants.

But the big problem with auto-responders is that, while fast, they lack the personal touch. They feel spammy and canned, not authentic or personal. They don’t stand out.

On the flip side, there’s…

The anatomy of quality of response

It’s a beautiful morning to shoot a Walkaround Video. John, the sales rep, strolls out to the Broncos with his iPhone in hand. He introduces himself to the customer and shows off the features of the exact vehicle he had inquired about. John wraps it up by thanking Tony for his interest, and asking him to call. He uploads the video to Authntk. With a push of a button, out it goes to Tony.

The video itself is only 60-90 seconds, and it takes less than that to send, but there’s no rush to make it. John spends a little more time to focus on providing a good experience for people. He believes they will remember that, and his faith is rewarded with a 23% percent higher closing rate, according to the study.

What will YOU do to make customers understand how much you care? How will YOU show you’re willing to take as much time as necessary to help them get what they want?

That’s the power of Walkaround Videos at work. Take Walkaround Videos for a nice, easy test drive right here.