Now, Enhance Your SEO Ranking With Walkaround Videos!

When customers go online to search for information about vehicles you sell, will they find your videos? They will now if you use the dealership video service Walkaround Videos!

You already know that Walkaround Videos are a great way for auto dealers to connect 1:1 with the customer by sending unique, personalized video messages that stand out. Now, Walkaround Videos makes it even easier to beef up your dealership’s online presence and enhance your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) on Google.

Due to popular demand, we’ve added a new feature to Walkaround Videos that allows your videos to be automatically uploaded to YouTube – with NO extra steps required! The upgrade is absolutely FREE to our customers who have a standard Walkaround Videos package.

Here’s HOW it works:

The process for making and sending videos that will amaze customers is exactly the same as you are used to. The part that’s different is what happens behind the scenes. At the same time your video goes to the customer via email or text, it also gets uploaded to your dealership YouTube channel, and has been pre-populated with relevant descriptions, keywords and tags.

Here’s WHY it works:

Google prioritizes its rankings based in part on the frequency of fresh, keyword-heavy content that people are searching for, especially videos. Since YouTube is the #2 search engine (behind Google, which owns YouTube), having your videos there gives you instant credibility and find-ability in the places where customers go for information.

The new functionality in Walkaround Videos supercharges your web presence by providing you with a YouTube channel full of unique Walkaround Videos and searchable content. Now, every time you make a new video, it automatically goes to YouTube, giving you a new infusion of keywords for Google to feed on.

Already a customer and ready to get started? Email John Colban today and we’ll send you a link to authorize your YouTube channel and get setup.

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