4 MORE Ways to Use Walkaround Videos in Your Dealership

A few posts ago, we shared our Top 5 Ways to Use Walkaround Videos in Your Dealership. But why stop at five? There must be hundreds of great ways to grow your business by making creative and engaging Walkaround Videos of ANY vehicle that prospects are interested in, and sending it to them personally. So check out these 4 MORE Ways to Use Walkaround Videos in Your Dealership, and think about what they can do for you:

#1 EXPRESSING APPRECIATION: “Thanks so much, Terry!”

A great way to use Walkaround Videos is by expressing your appreciation for those who purchased a vehicle or had a vehicle serviced, and asking for a rating, which may in turn influence others.

Here’s how it works. A day after their visit, send them a video asking them to review the service they received from you. Say something like, “Thanks so much, Terry! If you didn’t have a good experience, I want to know about it, so call me. If you did, we’d love for you to review us in the comments field below.”


Video allows you the opportunity to develop real, personal relationships. Pick up on something from the customer, and follow up on it. For example, let’s say you’ve got good rapport with a customer who mentioned his son had a big soccer tournament coming up. Shoot a video a few days after his visit to cheer on the soccer team! “Hey Bill, just wanted to shoot a quick video to say GO MUSTANGS!” The personal touch makes all the difference in the world. Your customer will be floored.


#3 SECOND CHANCES: “New inventory just arrived!”

Let’s say a prospect is interested in Altimas, but wasn’t impressed with the selection. A couple days later, two trucks full of Altimas arrive. You pull out your phone and say, “Daryl, I know last time you were here, we didn’t have exactly what you were looking for. But check this out! We just got two trucks full of the vehicle you are interested in!”


Here’s another scenario. The customer buys a vehicle on Tuesday, and calls you on Wednesday to say he can’t figure out how to use the navigation system. What do you do? Why not make a quick video showing how to set the navigation, pointing out where things are located on the dashboard, etc. Send it off, and within minutes, your customer is more than satisfied with how much you care … he’s AMAZED!

There are many more ways to wow the customer and create a distinct, lasting impression with video. What are some ways you're using video? We'd love to hear from you!

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