Free Test Drive - Instructions

Thanks for requesting a free test drive of Walkaround Videos! Please see the instructions below:

First, download our mobile app on your smartphone using one of the following links:

Authntk iOS App in iTunes App Store

Authntk Android App in Google Play Store

Once the app is downloaded, login using the following credentials:


Password: authntk8840

After you've logged in, touch the "Record New" button and record your video!

When you're done recording, depending on your device you may have the option to play the video back, but if you're happy with your recording, simply select "Use" on the next screen.

Enter your contact details and vehicle info and touch "Submit"

The video you record will then be uploaded to our servers and encoded so that it can play on various devices - this process usually takes 2-3 minutes. Once complete you will receive an email with your video, and if you entered your mobile number you'll also receive an SMS with a link to the video.

Any questions?

Feel free to reference the How It Works page on the Walkaround Videos website.

Thank you!